How to Make Chinese New Year After Party Clean-Up Easier

January 29, 2023

Are you worrying too much about how to clean up after the Chinese New Year party you would be hosting at home? Or did you just land here while looking for a guide on how to do it better after seeing the mess? Wherever you are, we are here to make it easy for you with our tips on Chinese New Year After Party Clean-Up. 

Most of us won’t be able to rely on our hungover brains to know where and what to start with. We would mostly be trying to get rid of stains on carpets and couches before it is too late, and collect some garbage from all over the house frantically. We are here with a detailed guide and some skilful advice on how to clean up best after the Chinese New Year party at home. Saying hello to a clean home after the Chinese New Year will be easier than you think if you follow these tips. Let’s get started and know in detail how to!

Chinese New Year After Party Clean-Up Method

To Start With, Gather All the Cleaning Essentials 

If you are planning to clean your home by yourself, get on your cleaning clothes and gather the essential tools to handle the post-party cleanse. Here are the most essential cleaning tools you would need before you start with the process. 

Essential Cleaning Tools for Chinese New Year After Party Clean-Up

Kitchen Cleaning solution, Cleaning brush, Dishwasher tablets, Microfibre cloth, Scourer, Stainless steel cleaner, Gloves, Hob cleaner
Living Room & Bedroom Duster, All purpose cleaner, Microfibre cloths, Wood cleaning solution, Stain remover, Soft dusting brushes, Floor cleaner, Face mask
Bathroom Toilet cleaner, Multipurpose bathroom spray, Microfibre cloth, Toilet brush, Floor cleaning brush, Gloves, Face mask, Antibacterial surface spray

Now, Keep the Curtains Open and Let Some Fresh Air In

There is nothing worse than the smell of last night’s leftover food, wine and cigarette smoke, right? The smell of all these with the sweat of everyone will linger in the room when you keep the windows closed. Therefore, start the day by drawing the curtains of all the rooms to let maximum daylight in. Open enough windows to create a draught and keep them open while you are cleaning if possible. 

Move On to Collecting and Discarding Empty Bottles and Covers

Start collecting all the empty packets and bottles that are lying on the floor, couches, tables and other parts of your house. Pour away unfinished drinks from them and put the recyclable covers and bottles in a strong and sturdy bag. Do the same with leftover nibbles at your place and discard the stuff that has seen the better days. Store the rest items in airtight containers.

Chances are that the ashtrays and dustbins will be full, so empty them followed by cleaning and putting them for drying. This will make coming back to the party room you were cleaning easier as it will be smelling less by now. You can now move towards cleaning and not clearing. 

Keep the Dirty Dishes in the Dishwasher 

Place the dinnerware, nibble bowls, glasses and other crockery that is used during the Chinese New Year party in your dishwasher before you carry on with cleaning rooms. Make sure that you have gathered plates and crockery from all rooms before starting the dishwasher. You will sometimes be surprised to find stuff from places you’d probably never imagined finding.

Start Cleaning the Room That is Far From the Kitchen 

While you are all set to do a mass cleaning, it is always best to start from the room that is the farthest from the kitchen. It will prevent you from walking in and out of rooms that have already been cleaned while cleaning the rest of the rooms. You can choose an order that makes sense for your rooms depending on essential things kept. We would suggest you start with the bathrooms and then proceed to clean the kitchen and hallway at the end. If you are likely to pile rubbish bags while cleaning, they can leak or spill while you take them through the hallway. 

Move Towards Cleaning Rooms One by One

Choosing to go by a methodical approach will be effective when embarking on cleaning your whole house after a party. This is when the deep cleaning service of one of the best home service providers such as Sendhelper in Singapore turns out to be a saviour. Our professionals have a knack to approach cleaning, which makes it easier for everyone. The good thing is that they do not compromise on the results while making sure that it becomes easier for everyone. Our deep cleaning services start just at $320 for Chinese New Year after party clean-up. All you have to do is download the Sendhelper app from Google Play or App Store and book our deep cleaning service to give your home a good treat after the Chinese New Year party. 

Now let’s get back to our guide on where to begin if you wish to do it on your own. 

Start With the Bathroom

Beginning to clean the bathroom first is the best strategy. Start by opening the lid of the toilet bowl and spraying the seat with multipurpose bathroom spray. Wipe clean it using a microfibre cloth that is used to clean the toilet. Follow by squirting some toilet cleaner on the rim of the bowl and closing the lid. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can deep clean your bathroom at home.  

Fill the bath and sink with warm water before you add cleaner to it. Now leave the cleaning solution to work its way while cleaning the rest of the bathroom. Take a look at our guides on how to clean different types of bathroom showers and how to keep your bathroom odourless to help you keep your bathroom in its best condition after the Chinese New Year party.

Make sure that you clean the mirrors and other surfaces using a multipurpose spray and microfibre cloth while you wait for the solution to work. After giving the solutions a good time to work, open the toilet lid and scrub the bowl using a toilet brush. Flush a few twice or thrice completely. Voila! Your toilet is clean.

Empty the bath and sink, get a clean microfibre cloth and give them both a quick once over by using a multi-purpose bathroom spray. 

Move to the Living Room and Bedrooms 

Dust all the surfaces including the shelves and tables using a soft brush and microfibre cloth. Work all around the rooms in a direction. Chances are that there will be a lot of dust and dirt left from the party when too many people were probably moving in and out during the party. Take away bedsheets and sofa covers that people may have slept on and put them for a wash. Make sure that you organise the bedding into different colour categories before this to avoid bleeding of colour. Changing sheets should suffice for most after-party clean-ups. But if you see any suspicious-looking stains on the mattress, we recommend that you read our ultimate guide on how to clean your mattresses at home. 

Mix some all-purpose cleaner with water in a handy spray bottle and spritz it over your curtains and soft furnishings. Now, we move on towards an important thing in our rooms- carpets. If you see that your carpets have seen some damage or spilling, read what we have written in our article about smart carpet cleaning methods. It is also important to check on our outdoor rugs and make them free of dirt and dust. Take a look at our article on how to clean outdoor rugs effectively. Just keep in mind that you will need to restore every item to the state they were in before you threw a party for the Chinese New Year. 

Let’s Take Over the Kitchen Now 

Start by removing all the leftover food, if there is any, even after you went picking up the empty bottles and packets. It makes cleaning easier and smooth for you. Begin by spraying oven cleaner into the oven. You must have had a hard time working too much while you were busy cooking delicious meals for everyone. Your oven is always worth a deep clean, so do not hesitate to do this part. Close the oven once it is covered with cleaner and leave it for some time to work its magic.

Now squirt some cleaner on the hob and leave it to work on grease and grime. You can remove the dry plates from the drying rack and put them back in the cupboards. Make sure that you keep all the crockery that needs to be cleaned in the dishwasher or washed up by this time. 

Use stainless steel cleaners to clean taps. Also, brush away the crumbs from the countertops and wipe clean the area. You can use a microfibre cloth and a mild cleaner to do this. If you have quartz countertops in your kitchen, we have a guide on how to clean them. Take a look before you begin. 

Clean the Floors During the End 

If there is a way not to repeat the cleaning, it is by tackling the floor at last. Once again, work from the room farthest from the kitchen to the room that is close to the kitchen. Begin by vacuuming to remove the surface-level dust as much as possible. Here are a few things everyone should keep in mind while vacuuming floors at home. 

If you have carpets in rooms, you may have to inspect for stains too before you start vacuuming them. Chances for your guests to spill drinks during the party are high. If you find any suspicious stains, here are some smart carpet cleaning methods for you. Do not forget to keep one of the best carpet cleaning products ready. Staircases are something people clean once in a while. However, you cannot afford not to clean it after your party for the Chinese New Year. Take a look at how you can clean the different types of staircases at home. 

You can use a multipurpose cleaner and water to mop hard floors. Just make sure that you leave them to dry before walking over them again. 

Lastly, Check and Clean Your Garden 

Pick up and remove bottles and cigarette butts if there are any from the last day’s celebration. You can take a plastic bag in your hand and walk around collecting such unwanted scraps of paper and more. Empty your outdoor bin and give it a good rinse if necessary. Use a broom to brush away all the remnants from the get-together for Chinese New Year after party clean-up. 

Spot Treat Problematic Areas With Stains 

Any areas on soft furnishings or carpets that are soiled with spills should be spot-treated using special stain removal solutions as part of the Chinese New Year after party clean-up. Such solutions do a better job than homemade solutions while tackling stains on carpets, rugs, and other soft furnishings. Using a carpet cleaning machine could be your last hope if the stains are stubborn. You can also rely on the professionals at Sendhelper to get such jobs done without damaging your carpets. We would like to remind you that you should not use salt or white wine instead of good cleaners. Carpets are not something that gives us a chance to try our DIY cleaning tricks. Download the app instantly and book our service. Our experienced professionals will take care of the rest. 

Now the most important thing we thought we should not miss telling you is to take a look at the condition of your swimming pool if you have one at home. If your guests have stayed for some days and have used the pool, you should clean the pool even if you do not plan to use it soon. Keeping it dirty can lead to more mess. So here is how you can clean and disinfect the swimming pool at your home after the Chinese new year holidays. 

Now that we have covered pretty much everything to help you make your home feel like home again, we will be delighted to hear that our tips work for you. Happy cleaning!

If you are pressed for time to do Chinese New Year after party clean-up, book cleaning services on the sendhelper App or Website.

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