Vacuum Cleaning Tips: Things to Keep in Mind While Vacuuming Floors at Home

July 15, 2022
Vacuum Cleaning Tips

We are always trying to keep our homes looking wonderfully clean in every way possible by using as many tools as we can use at home. Most of us would be glad that we have a vacuum cleaner at home to make home cleaning a lot easier. It is one of the most valuable tools someone can have at home for easy cleaning. Hence, we present a few things and tips on how to use a vacuum cleaner at home like a pro. Read on to know what you should do and avoid cutting additional messes while vacuuming your house. Some simple vacuum cleaning tips will make your life a lot easier.

Vacuum Cleaning Tips

Keep it Simple Get the Basics Right

The first and foremost tip we have to give you for vacuuming your house is to keep it simple. You will be surprised to hear about the additional issues people create while vacuuming, which makes the job a lot more difficult. For instance, you are likely to invite more dust, leaves and debris if you allow shoes inside the home, which will, in turn, make vacuuming harder. The simple solution, in this case, is to make sure that everyone takes off their shoes before entering home so that you can vacuum the dirt that gets collected at a common spot. It will save you the time you otherwise have to spend tracking dirt all over your house. 

Create a Schedule for Vacuuming 

Creating a schedule to vacuum your home will help ensure that your floors remain clean all the time. Vacuuming once a week or two would be sufficient for most homes. However, the frequency can also change depending on the traffic and presence of a pet and its shedding. It is advised to vacuum your house at least once a week if you have kids and pets at home. 

Vacuum an Area More than Once 

Vacuuming an area more than once is often necessary to pull up all the hair and dirt from the floor. Go over the floors in multiple directions while you vacuum to pull pet dander quickly. Create a crisscross pattern while vacuuming over carpets and rugs in your rooms, even if you do not have a pet at home. 

Remove the Clutter and Small Objects from the Floor 

This tip might sound silly and easy until we don’t realize that we do not always check this and end up in trouble. Another key tip to smooth vacuuming is by removing the clutter and small objects that could get into the cleaner while vacuuming. You should never avoid this if you have toddlers at home as there are high chances for you to vacuum tiny toys into the cleaner, retrieving those out of the vacuum bags and cleaning them could become another task. 

Put the Right Setting While Vacuuming

Make sure that you choose the right setting on the vacuum cleaner before you start cleaning surfaces. Vacuum cleaners come with different settings that let you adjust depending on the surface you are cleaning. For instance, you will have to use a different setting on the vacuum if you are about to clean a shaggy carpet after cleaning hardwood floors.

You should also adjust the vacuum cleaner settings depending on the height of the surface you are cleaning to make sure that you get the best suction, thereby cleaning the floors more efficiently. 

Change the Vacuum Bag Regularly

Changing the vacuum bag on a regular basis is mandatory for efficient vacuuming - this also to keep your vacuum cleaner in good condition. Vacuuming becomes chaotic when you do it with a full canister. Though you don't need to start vacuuming by emptying the vacuum canister in the case of bagless vacuums, we recommend you to do it to go on vacuuming smoothly without interruption. If you do not prefer emptying the canister before it is full, keep an eye on how full it is before starting to vacuum. However, empty the bags of bagged vacuum cleaners when they get almost three-quarters full to avoid dirt being unable to enter the vacuum cleaner. 

Keep HEPA Vacuum Cleaners On for a While 

Keeping HEPA vacuum cleaner on for a while when you leave the room is efficient in removing dust and allergens in the air as well as on the floor. Here is another extra tip that could help you freshen your room - leave the HEPA vacuum cleaner running for a little longer (maybe a few extra minutes) after removing the hose for effective suction. Your room will look and smell fresh after you do this. 

Use Longer Attachments While Cleaning Furniture and Stairs

There are few areas at your home that are hard to vacuum such as the stair or furniture. It could be tempting to clean off these quickly, but it is always best to take some real time and focus on deep-cleaning, especially if such areas and objects collect more dust. We recommend you to use the longer attachments that come with vacuum cleaners for efficient and deeper cleaning of crevices and edges of carpets and stairs. It will also help you not carry the heavy device and move it from each step while vacuuming.

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