A Complete Guide on Cleaning Quartz Countertops at Your Home

June 27, 2022
Cleaning Quartz Countertops

When it comes to our homes, none of us will ever seem to get enough out of stone countertops. Quartz is one of the most chosen options among natural stones to incorporate into our home interiors as countertops because of its durability and appealing nature. It requires very little maintenance and does not contain any air pockets because of the presence of resin in it. Therefore, the chances of getting dents, cracks, and chips on them are less. Quartz is stain resistant and doesn’t encourage the growth of bacteria and mold on its surface. However, cleaning quartz countertops is vital to keep them looking newer even when it is of low maintenance.

Harsh cleaners can cause damage to the finish of quartz countertops. Using mild cleaners to clean its surface will make it easy to remove dirt and grime. Cleaning using a soap dish and water will do the job pretty well most of the time when the countertops get dirty. But, you might need some more ingredients if they get very dirty. All you would need for cleaning are some liquid dish soap, a spray bottle, water, a cleaning cloth (preferably a microfibre cloth), a non-abrasive sponge, and some rubbing alcohol.

Here are the easiest steps to cleaning quartz countertops at your home. 

Steps to Cleaning Quartz Countertops at Home

Clear the Clutter from the Countertops 

Cleaning any countertop begins by clearing the surface. Remove everything that is placed on it such as flower vases, decors, and fruit bowls from the countertop. Also, make sure to remove electrical appliances such as toasters and mixers before you start cleaning. Begin by sweeping off the dirt and dust from the countertops to a trash can, and give the surface a good wipe with a damp cloth to ensure that no dust is left. 

Clean the Stubborn Dirt from the Surface 

Quartz countertops can look comparatively clean just after you are done with the first step. But, look closely for dry buildup on the countertops, the cleaning of which will take some time. Dampen a microfibre cloth or a non-abrasive sponge, add a few drops of dish soap on the build-up and give it some scrubbing until you see the dirt coming off. Follow by rinsing the residue from the countertops once you find that the entire dirt has come off. Rinse the cloth or sponge as necessary to get up all the dust and dirt. 

Sanitise the Countertops with a Homemade Sanitiser

Disinfecting quartz surfaces after cleaning is a must whether the counters are in the kitchen or washroom. Sanitising the countertops will limit the spread of bacteria as well as cross-contamination from the surface, especially during the pandemic. You can fill a spray bottle with ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol along with two cups of water and spray on quartz surfaces, let it sit for around five to ten minutes until the surfaces are dry. 

Buff Dry the Surface for Good Finish 

Do not complete the cleaning process by wiping with a damp cloth. To keep your sanitiser working well, use a dry microfibre cloth to dry up the moisture on the countertop to get a beautiful shine. You might require a bit more power to clean stubborn stains even if you know how to clean a countertop the right way. 

Things to Keep in Mind to Prevent Damage While Cleaning Quartz Countertops 

There are a few things to keep in mind while cleaning countertops whether you clean them using homemade or other all-purpose cleaners to keep them tidy for long. Here is how to care for quartz countertops while cleaning them. 

Avoid the Use of Abrasive Cleaners and Tools 

Do not get the first cleaner you can get your hands when you see a sudden spill on the countertop. Since quartz is durable and does not stain easily, the spill can wait until you go and get the right cleaner to clean it. The use of harsh chemicals could dull and scratch the finish of quartz countertops. It can also weaken the bond between the resin and quartz and result in the formation of cracks and discolouration on the surface. 

Avoid Placing Heat on the Surface 

Quartz countertops are very durable, but they do not tolerate high heat because of the resin composition. Placing hot items on their surface can lead to the formation of cracks as the resin-based quartz can break down when they come in contact with heat more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you must protect the surface by using hot pads and dishcloths while placing hot pans on the countertops. 

Do Not Cut Vegetables on Kitchen Countertops 

Kitchen countertops made of quartz can withstand so much, but treating the surface of the countertop like a cutting board will eventually ruin its finish as the cutting will bring in fine cuts and scratches to it. Therefore, always use a cutting board while cutting meat and vegetables to keep your countertops smooth and free from damage. 

Make Home Cleaning and Maintenance a Regular Thing 

One of the important things to do to keep the countertops elegant looking is timely cleaning. Wipe up the spills as soon as they happen using some water and dish soap. It is also important to clean your kitchen countertops every day at the end of the day. You can use a plastic knife to scrape gums and other sticky specks of dirt before they are set on the surface of the countertops. Another important thing to do is to keep the countertops sanitised and dry.

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