Mattress Cleaning in Singapore: The Ultimate Guide for Cleaning Mattress at Home

April 20, 2022

A mattress is an essential item for sleeping comfortably in our bedrooms. It is a good investment that we can use for years if we take proper care. The mattresses we use are most likely to be exposed to dirt, dust, skin flakes, spills, drools, stains, and more. Therefore, doing mattress cleaning in Singapore is very important to keep our bodies healthy and promote peaceful sleep during the night.

However, cleaning a mattress is not as easy when compared to cleaning bed sheets. We need to put in a lot of effort to deep-clean a mattress. We would also need to use disinfecting liquids along with some cleaning techniques. Here are some crucial things you will have to know about cleaning mattresses at home. Already tired of the idea of mattress cleaning? Book a deep cleaning service on the Sendhelper app straightaway!

How to Clean Mattresses at Home?

We recommend you wash and deep clean the mattresses at least two times a year. You don’t have to rely on harsh cleaning chemicals to clean mattresses, but you can use safe ingredients and natural methods to clean mattresses to sleep on something free from a chemical influence at the end of the day.

Tips for Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are expensive, so you cannot thrash them every two or three years. It is why cleaning and maintenance of a mattress are important. Allot time every three months to clean your mattresses as regular cleaning helps get rid of dust, dirt, and stains. Remove everything off from the beds and keep your pets out of your rooms before you start cleaning your mattresses. Here are a few smart tips to clean mattresses safely. 

Using Vacuum 

Attach a dusting brush to your vacuum cleaner and run the brush through the vacuum from top to bottom evenly to remove accumulated dust. You can follow by attaching the upholstery tool to deep clean the mattress from top to bottom. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the narrow and overlapping paths. Do this step on all sides of the mattress. You can vacuum the mattress twice this way for the best results. 

Sprinkling Baking Soda 

Accumulated sweat, urine, and drools are commonly found on mattresses, especially if you have toddlers at home. It can lead to the formation of bad odour that will take away comfortable sleep. One of the best natural ways to get rid of such odour is to sprinkle some amount of baking soda into the affected areas, rub it with a brush, and allow it to settle for around twenty minutes. You can then clean the excess powder from the mattress. 

Using Enzymatic Cleaner 

You can use an enzymatic cleaner to treat stubborn stains such as drool stains, urine stains, and wine stains that are hard to remove. It is crucial to treat such stains as early as possible as they might lead to discolouration of the mattress if they are not treated on time. Here is how you can use enzymatic cleaners on mattresses -

Make a thick cleaning solution using half a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. Now pour the cleaner on stubborn stains and let it sit for around fifteen minutes. Follow by cleaning the spots gently with a wet cloth.

How to Deep Cleaning Mattresses at Home

A mix of baking soda and essential oil can help you deep clean the mattresses at home. It will also add a soothing scent to the mattresses. Follow these steps to deep clean your mattress. 

Start by Flipping the Mattress 

The stains on mattresses will release a foul smell with time, and this will remain if you leave one side of it without cleaning. You will have to flip the mattress and clean both sides to get rid of the odour using a mixture of baking soda and essential oil. Here is how you can prepare the mixture -

Make a solution using one spoon of baking soda and two teaspoons of essential oil and shake them well until it blends well. Make sure that you pick mild essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood or chamomile. Essential oils also have the advantage of being an antibacterial agent in addition to offering a relaxing feeling because of their scent while you rest. 

Sprinkle the Mix on the Mattress 

Sprinkle the above-mentioned mixture on the mattresses and rub the surface gently. Let the mixture sit for around two hours - you can then follow by wiping the mattresses with a damp cloth. 

Clean the Bed Frames 

You must clean the bed frames as they accumulate dirt and dust, just like mattresses. Cleaning the mattress and leaving bed frames untouched will welcome more dust into the mattress quickly Hence, double vacuum the bed frames and get rid of the bugs attached to the bed.

Vacuum the Mattress

You can follow by vacuuming the mattress after two hours of letting the cleaning mixture sit on it. Use an upholstery tool to get rid of the excess baking soda from the surface of the mattress.

Tips to Keep the Mattress Clean After Deep Cleaning

Making our mattresses as durable as possible is a conscious job. Here are a few steps that would help you keep at it. 

Clean Immediately 

You must clean the spills and mess soon after they happen. Never postpone cleaning when your child or pet or even you pee on the mattress! Change the bed sheets, clean the mattress with baking soda solution and get rid of excess moisture using tissues or a dry towel.

Invest in a Mattress Protector 

Get a mattress protector to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and skin flakes. They also help keep mites and bed bugs away from the mattress. The top benefit is that they soak up stains to the extent they can, thereby protecting the mattress.

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