Smart Carpet Cleaning Methods: Take Better Care of Carpets at Home

May 26, 2022

We often incorporate carpets into our living space for a luxurious feel. They offer rooms with both physical and visual warmth. But with great comfort and look, comes great responsibility as well. Accidents such as spills and messes are likely to happen no matter how careful we are. Pollutants enter our homes daily, and carpets in areas with high foot traffic are likely to get dirty quickly. This is why we recommend frequent cleaning of your carpets to prolong their life and your investment in them. Eager to learn some carpet cleaning methods?

While we recommend professional carpet cleaning at least twice a year, you can also do your part in keeping them clean.

Here are some smart tips to clean your carpets and keep them hygienic.

Smart Carpet Cleaning Tips

Invest in a Good Vacuum

Before you buy a vacuum, know that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Check with the manufacturer and seek out suggestions for the best type of vacuum cleaner suitable for carpet cleaning. Go for a more aggressive vacuum cleaner if you have carpets made of synthetic fibre, and pick a softer one if you have natural fibre carpeting - this is to not damage its fibres. You can also go to a local department store to know more about the options available. Learning good carpet cleaning methods begin with choosing a good vacuum cleaner.

Work on Vacuum Technique 

Following the right carpet cleaning methods or techniques for vacuuming could be helpful while cleaning carpets. Pick up the objects such as toys, plastics, coins, etc. from the carpet that you don’t want to get into the vacuum cleaner. Bust out the vacuum after this and take your time to clean the carpet. Rushing will prevent you from sucking up the dirt trapped between the fibres. Run the vacuum cleaner from your opposite direction and pull it back towards you. You can now move on to the next section of the carpet by overlapping a little on the area you swept just before. Continue to move through the carpet until you vacuum the entire carpet. Repeat this process in the opposite direction to deep clean the carpet for better results. 

Use hose attachments that come packaged with vacuum cleaners - they help you with optimal carpet cleaning. 

Crevice Tool 

The crevice tool has a long, thin, and angled tip. It helps to go deep into the tight spots, crevices, area between sofa cushions, and along the edges where the carpet touches the walls. 

Extension Wand 

This accessory is a long attachment designed to reach more areas. It is a great tool to use on carpeted stairs that are small to accommodate the whole vacuum. Using extension wands helps you get into all the nooks and corners of the stairs to collect the dust. 

Upholstery Tool

This tool is a wide attachment made to vacuum sofas, chairs, and mattresses. You can also use them to clean soft carpets made of wool. Gently vacuum the carpet using the upholstery tool to get rid of dirt and dust from the sensitive fibres. 

Make sure that your vacuum bag doesn’t get full while you clean the carpets as the suction power of the carpet decreases when its bag gets filled up. The best way is to empty the vacuum bag twice or thrice while vacuuming to make it perform optimally. 

Vacuum the Carpets Frequently 

It is crucial to vacuum your carpets regularly - at least once a week. However, foot traffic is likely to be high if you have pets and children at home, and hence you should vacuum the carpets more frequently. Frequent vacuuming plays an important role to keep allergies at bay; it also maintains the life of your carpet. It is also good to know that the vacuuming becomes quicker the more frequently you vacuum. 

Clean Spills Immediately 

Accidents, spills, and stains can occur even if we become careful. You should clean the spills as soon as they happen since you will have a chance to remove the stain completely when it is fresh. It is difficult to get rid of ignored stains in the long run. It can degrade the overall look of your carpet and living space too. 

Blot and Don’t Rub on Stains

Our first instinct when spills happen would be to rub the stain off. Rubbing on stains could be the worst thing you can do to your carpet as the stain penetrates deeper when you rub it. You will also end up deepening and widening the stain. 

Remove all physical debris from the stained area before you try to get the liquid off the carpet. Make sure that you don’t apply pressure on the carpet when you move the objects from the carpet. Start by blotting and gently pressing the stain using a clean rag. Gently press the stain from the outside to inward without putting too much pressure to avoid further penetration of the liquid into the carpet. You might also need one more clean rag to clean what is left on the carpet. This process can be time consuming, but stay calm and work strategically. 

Clean Pet Stains Immediately 

Accidents can happen at any time with pets, and their age doesn’t matter for this. Pet urine is hard to clean if it dries up, and it will produce an odour that will stay for several days. You can absorb the urine with some paper towels as soon as they happen. Spray the carpet’s soiled area using a solution made of two cups of vinegar, four tablespoons of baking soda, and two cups of warm water. Let the solution sit for ten minutes and smudge it using a clean rag. Repeat the step until your carpet looks and smells clean. 

Learn more about carpet care if you have pets at home here.

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