Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips if You Have Pets at Home

May 11, 2022

It is challenging to keep your carpets clean and look fresh all the time if you have pets at home. Pets shed their dander all over the house, so we suggest you vacuum the carpets at least twice a week. Medium tone and colourful carpets that could help hide pet hair will be good for homes with pets. You need to stick on to smart carpet care and maintenance tips to keep your carpets hygienic and good looking.

Here are a few carpet care and maintenance tips to help you keep the carpets at your home clean and fresh-looking.

Carpet Care and Maintenance Tips

Buy a Stain-Resistant Carpet 

A stain-resistant carpet is a go-to option for people who have pets at home. These carpets cost higher when compared to the other kind, but they come with the benefit of lasting for a longer period. Stain-resistant carpets are equipped with a protective layer applied to their fibres. They support cleaning techniques such as steam cleaning, vacuuming and rubbing without losing their strength.

Clean Pet Urine Immediately 

You need to clean pet urine it as soon as the accident happens. Otherwise it will be difficult to remove later. Clean it first using some paper towels to pull the urine up without spreading it further. Continue doing this until the towels come up almost dry. Spray one teaspoon of ammonia and a cup of water on it and let it sit for five minutes. Now, make circular motions from the inside of the spot towards the outside using a stiff brush. Use a vacuum to pull up the stain from the rest area of the carpet.

Use Fabric Water Shield On Existing Carpets

You can choose to use Scotchgard fabric water shield on existing carpets to add a protective layer to the carpet. This is a great carpet care and maintenance tip. You might need to repeat it after a period for the carpet to maintain their structure. It also helps to avoid additional staining. You can miss some spots if you do scotchgarding alone, and it will lead to stains getting under the fibres. Hence, consider doing this professionally to make sure that all fibres are treated well.

Make Your Entrance with Hardwood or Tile

An entrance with hardwood or tile with a rug helps to keep dirt at bay, especially when you get back home with your pet after a walk in the rain. Walking over a rug first will help prevent the wet and muddy feet from making prints on both the carpet and the floor. Your pet is likely to play in mud and water when they go out, so always keep a towel with you or next to the entrance to wipe and clean them before you let them in. 

Trim and File Your Pet’s Nails Often 

Long nails of your pet could cause damage to the carpets as they snag the fibres of the carpet. This can create knots that are difficult to remove. You must file your pet’s nails after you trim them to make them smooth. It helps in protecting both the carpets and hardwood at your home. 

Vacuum At least Twice a Week 

Vacuuming at least twice a week is one of the most effective carpet care and maintenance tips even if your pets don’t shed too much dander. There will be dander in small amounts, which can get accumulated over some days and cause the same harm that is created in a day with too much shedding. The accumulation of dander will also result in causing pet odour. Vacuum the areas where your pet plays as their drools and toy particles also have a chance to get into the carpets. 

Steam Clean Your Carpets Once a Month 

Steam cleaning a carpet will help you wash it and clean the pet hair and saliva on the carpet. You can use a mild carpet cleaner for better results, but make sure that you do not rub on the carpet roughly and break the structure of the carpet. You can pick a cleaner for freshening up the carpet if you are steam-cleaning monthly, or use a cleaner that is specifically made to use in homes with both carpets and pets. Such cleaners are diluted and are easy on the carpet. 

Use Carpet Powders 

Many kinds of carpet powders are widely available in the market that you can use on carpets. Sprinkle a generous amount of carpet powder and the carpet and leave it undisturbed for the right amount of time suggested on the package. Follow by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly twice by going over the entire carpet. Make sure that you slow down while vacuuming the second time to pull up the dander and other particles that are trapped deep inside the fibre. 

There are several steps to take care of your carpets at home if you have pets, and most of them include pet maintenance as well. Maintaining the hygiene of your carpets will uplift the overall look and feel of your house, and it shows that you take care of your living space well.

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