Summer Cleaning Tips for Home Maintenance: What to Clean At Home During Summer?

March 25, 2022
Summer Cleaning Tips

The hot and humid months are finally here, and many among us are gearing up for summer cleaning in our homes, but we might not know where to start. Don’t worry! We are with a guide to help you not miss out on anything while you set your homes for the summer. These practical summer cleaning tips will keep you covered, and you can enjoy your summer days at home without worrying that your home is a mess. 

Let us look at the must-do things to do at home for summer maintenance. 

Easy Summer Cleaning Tips

Clean Your Aircon Filters

It is that time of the year when we put back our aircon at home and expect it to run most of the time. It is also why this is the most important thing to do on the summer cleaning list. An aircon that is kept idle for a long while would be clogged up with dust and debris which will make it difficult to function. Clean the aircon filters by using a vacuum cleaner or with warm soapy water and let them dry completely. Also, do proper aircon maintenance periodically.

Wipe Clean All the Ceiling Fans

Dusty fans are the major cause of summer allergies and fever. Fans will keep accumulating and spreading dust all over the place as they rotate. Wipe clean the fan blades using a used pillow cover and collect the dust inside the covers. Follow by wiping it again with a clean damp rag with a little bit of disinfectant sprayed on it. You can also change the direction of the blades counterclockwise to push the cold air down. Here is a simple guide to cleaning ceiling fans at home.

Wash the Windows and Clean the Window Screens

It is always better to do washing jobs when the weather is drier. Get a bucket of soapy water and a microfibre cloth if you are running out of your window cleaner to do the job. Scrub all the dirt off the windows, and wipe clean all the windows again using a clean damp microfibre cloth. 

Washing the window screens is also crucial as you are more likely to keep windows open during most of the summer. The increased humidity can encourage the growth of mold, so make sure that you clean and disinfect the windows too.

Here is a detailed guide to window cleaning at home.

Clean Your Refrigerator and Clear Out the Freezer

There is more chance of bacteria formation during summer even inside the refrigerator. So it is important that you spare some time to deep-clean your fridge by taking everything out and rinsing the surfaces with a mild antibacterial soap. Remember to throw off everything that has expired.

This is a task that has the benefit of keeping you cool while you engage in the cleaning process, so save it to do on a hot day. Empty the ice cubes into the sink, take out all the food items from the freezer, put them in the sink covered with ice to keep them frozen while you clean the freezer. Start by putting a rag on the floor near the fridge and cleaning the slowly-moving liquid spills. You can get an ice scraper and some hot water to remove built-up ice. Inspect for freezer burns and throw out foods that were left open in the freezer for a while.

Wipe Clean the Kitchen Counters Daily

Summer is the time for ants and other pests to creep into your kitchen as the warm weather is a perfect environment for them to live inside. The way to cut them off is to leave no food items open and to eliminate the food crumbs from the countertops and floor after you cook each time. This habit will help you big time and save you a day you might otherwise have to spend with deep-cleaning your kitchen. Here is the expert’s guide on how to deep-clean your kitchen and everything in it

Check for Leaks in Taps and Hoses

You should take the checking of leaks into serious consideration, especially during summer when we use taps and hoses more frequently. Undiscovered leakages can cost you a lot of money with both the water bill and plumbing. Inspect for leaky spots in hoses, and make quick fixes with water-proof gardening tapes if you find any. Get the service of a trusted plumber in Singapore to fix leaking taps and hoses.

Clean the Garbage Disposal to Avoid Stinking

Foods rot and smell more fastly during summer and hence it is important to clean out your garbage disposal drain. Make sure that no food is stuck in it to cause a foul smell in the kitchen. You can clean the drain naturally without putting your hands in it - by pouring a little amount of baking soda and vinegar into the drain. Let it bubble for seven minutes and pour some warm water into it. You can repeat this step whenever necessary, and also once every two weeks to keep the drain from stinking.

Clean Outdoor Spaces like Patio and Terrace 

Patio and terrace are perfect places to gather with family and friends. Make it a clean space by getting rid of pests, lichens, and moss by spritzing a mixture of bleach and water or weathering soda crystals on them. These natural methods will help get rid of lichens, moss and pests, and let you make the best of your outdoor spaces. 

Home Cleaning and Improvement Services in Singapore

Maintenance of our homes with the help of summer cleaning tips will set them up as spaces that will help us relax more. Sendhelper understands if you prefer to spend your vacation rather than doing cleaning chores at home. So leave the job to us by booking our cleaning service and other home improvement services by downloading the Sendhelper app. Our professionals will take care of your cleaning worries and leave your home sparkling clean and organised. 

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