How to Clean a Refrigerator at Home

February 14, 2024

A refrigerator is one of the appliances we use daily at our home and yet how many of us take good care of it? Sticking onto a simple cleaning regimen can save you from having to deep clean your fridge for it to function properly. Here are a few reasons you should keep your refrigerator clean and maintained.

Food Safety Prevents harmful bacteria and reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses.
Extended Freshness Maintains an optimal environment, extending the freshness and shelf life of food.
Energy Efficiency A clean fridge operates more efficiently, reducing energy consumption.
Odor Control Eliminates odors and keeps the interior smelling fresh.
Cross-Contamination Prevention Removes spills and residue, reducing the risk of spreading bacteria between foods.

There are several ways to clean your fridge and to keep it clean, so let’s start with exploring a few options and tips through this article. Here are a few ways to clean a refrigerator using less effort and chemicals.

Tips to Clean a Refrigerator

Preparing to Clean the Refrigerator

The first and foremost thing to do before you start cleaning the parts of your fridge is to remove everything from it including the items in the freezer. Store to an extra fridge if you have one. Otherwise, you can plan a day for deep-cleaning your refrigerator so that you can dwindle the food items by that day or buy new groceries only after cleaning. This will keep the worry of keeping food items outside for long. It doesn’t take too long to clean the refrigerator and therefore, there is only less chance for food items to spoil.

Remove Everything That You Can

Take out all the drawers, shelves, and other detachable parts from the fridge so that you can clean them all separately well. It will also be quite easier for you to clean the drawers and attached parts. The advantage is that the shelves and drawers of most refrigerators will fit in an averagely sized kitchen sink thereby making the job easy for you. You can now proceed to clean what’s left inside the fridge by using a mixture of baking soda and water (approximately one cup) to wipe the inside surfaces. You will have to follow some cleaning instructions with a plan to save your food somewhere else if you are cleaning a fridge with strong odours. Such fridges might be left unclean for a while. Unplug the refrigerator overnight and keep its doors open to let the smell out. 

You can then wipe the inside using popper towels or wet rags to wipe away the residues and start putting things back into your refrigerator.

Wash the Shelves, Drawers, and Other Removable Parts

Wash the removable parts of the fridge and freezer using regular detergent and hot water. You can leave the parts with stickiness and stains in the sink to soak for some time to avoid too much scrubbing. You can also prepare a solution of one part bleach and four parts of water to clean and disinfect the removable parts of the refrigerator.

What if Your Refrigerator is Still Not Clean?

If you’ve done everything properly and are still facing the problem of a strong odour inside your fridge, make sure to access the back panel of the refrigerator as there might be some build-ups that can’t be readily seen. Check the drip pan at the base of the refrigerator, and if it is filled with water, make sure to mop it. It is easy to remove some drip pans and wash them in the sink itself, while some might be fixed; you can clean the fixed ones using small brushes.

Maintenance is the Key

Keep your refrigerator clean regularly to avoid the foul smell and shortened lifetime. Wiping off the spoils can avoid build-up and odour that could lead to the need to deep-cleaning your refrigerator. You can also book a service with a professional deep cleaning service provider such as Sendhleper to deep clean your refrigerator if you’re someone who doesn’t find time to regularly clean your refrigerator.

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