Window Cleaning: An Easy Guide to Cleaning Windows at Home

May 28, 2021
A guide to window cleaning.

Nothing calms down your mind more than the sight of clean homes, especially gleaming windows, right? You can have clean and clear windows at your home too just like the ones you often see in fancy hotel rooms and staycations. Removing the smudges and built-up and cleaning windows on time is the key to maintaining their look. This article discusses a few steps for you to follow while cleaning your windows to get satisfactory results. Let’s tell you how you can make window cleaning easier.

Dust the Panes and Window Frame

Dusting the panes and window frames is the first and foremost thing you will have to do to get sparkling windows by the end of window cleaning. Cleaning the window frame and panes will save a lot of your time and energy. Skipping this step will make it difficult for you in the next steps if you avoid going ahead without dusting and cleaning the panes and window frames. The dirt and dust will smear around while cleaning with wet clothes. Therefore, use a dry cloth to wipe the frame and panes on their edges and corners, both inside and outside.

Vacuum the Window Tracks

Most dirt and dust accumulates on the tracks of windows and it can make the sliding of windows tough. Such kind of dirt might also completely block the frame from shutting. Apart from this, these windows can also give embarrassing sights to your guests. Cleaning window tracks before you wash the windows is necessary as drips of water and cleaning solution can dampen the dirt - this makes it harder for you to clean the dirt later.

Wash the Window Panes

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, you can proceed to wash the windows. Keep some drop cloths on the floor to absorb the spills and protect the floors. You can easily prepare a cleaning solution with half a gallon of water, a cup of white vinegar, and one-fourth cup of liquid dish detergent and then stir it up. Use a sponge to slightly dampen and wipe the windows to remove the stains and dirt that doesn't go away by simple brushing. Make sure that you approach the glass gently to avoid scratches.

Spot Clean the Stains on Windows

Most parts of the window would be fairly clean by now, but if you find some stubborn stains, now is the right time to work on removing them. The edges and corners of your windows are most likely to have stains and damp dirt. You can remove those using a toothbrush - make sure that you rinse out the bristles with it. You can dip a microfiber cloth in a cleaning solution to clean more stubborn dirt and stains on the windows. You can vary the strength of the cleaning solution depending on how stubborn the stains are.

Wash the Windows Again

The dirt and dust will often be present on the glass after you finish cleaning the corners and edges, which is why they need another round of washing. You can gently sponge-wash the glass again after making sure that the sponge is very clean. Starting from the top of the glass and later moving down is the right way to do sponge-cleaning. Make sure that the sponge is free of dirt particles to avoid scratches while window cleaning.

Clean the Handles and Frames of Windows

The dirt and dust left while spot cleaning the stains mostly fall on the window frames and handles. Disinfecting these frames and handles is a must as keeping them as such will bring infections to your family. Soak a clean microfiber cloth in a cleaning solution and wipe the handles and frames. You can also use disposable disinfectant wipes for cleaning and sanitisation.

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