The Ultimate Guide to Deep Cleaning the Kitchen and Everything in it

July 27, 2021
Tips for Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen is the space where the most literal and figurative nourishment of you and your family members take place. It is the heart of a home, which is why keeping it clean is the first and foremost step to having a clean home. Tidying up the kitchen is vital to make you feel good, which is why professionals recommend deep-cleaning the kitchen for overall well-being.

Here is a detailed guide that will help you get a clear idea about deep-cleaning the kitchen - what to clean, how to clean, and the order of cleaning. The article also discusses some tips that one can keep in mind to keep the cleaning brief and more focused.

What to Remember While Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

Use the Right Tools

Having the right cleaning kit in your hands makes cleaning more effective and easy. Get tools such as a razor blade scraper to scrape off junk from the top of your glass stove. Make sure that you have white vinegar as it is a cleaning workhorse.

Step-by-step Guide to Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

The routine described in this article is intended for weekly and biweekly cleaning, and it depends on how much you use your kitchen. Here are a few steps to tidy your kitchen effectively.

Clear Clutter from the Counters

Start with clearing all the junk that doesn’t belong in your kitchen before starting to clean. Clean from a corner of your kitchen or a section of one of the counters after removing the junk. You can employ the laundry basket method to make the job easier. Avoid raising the potential for distraction by putting things away from counters one by one. Clear them all away from the counters.

Empty the Dishwasher and Dish Drainers

Start by cleaning all the floating dirty pans and dishes before starting with detailed cleaning in the kitchen. You can put aside washed dishes in an empty place. Make sure to wash the lingering dishes first and run the dishwasher before you continue with the cleaning. Include water bottles, jars, and containers that tend to be out near the sink.

Clear Out the Fridge

You might not be having the time to clean the entire refrigerator, but you can clean the shelves and remove the expired items from it. Make sure to wipe the spills and put back the things in the right places. You can get the help of professional deep cleaning service providers if you feel that it is time for you to do a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator and still don’t find the time to do it.

Empty and Wipe Down the Garbage Bin

Even if you don’t have the time to wash the garbage bin in detail, you can still make it clean by taking the trash out and emptying the bins. You can vacuum inside the bins to get rid of the crumbs at the bottom of the waste bins, and then wipe the inside and outside using disinfectant wipes. You can do the same with the compost as well as recycling bins.

Dust the Surfaces of the Cabinets and Refrigerator

The most effective method is always to clean from top to bottom regardless of which room you clean. Doing this helps to remove the dust and then settle it on the floor or lower surface of the room, which you would most often clean up by the end. You can start by dusting the light fixtures, surfaces of the fridge and cabinets in the kitchen, and then sweep and mop the floor.

Clean Small Appliances in the Kitchen

You can do a quick clean-up on the small appliances you use daily in the kitchen. It wouldn’t take much time as they won’t require deep cleaning. Clean the debris from appliances like coffee maker, stand mixer, microwave, and toaster. Clean the interiors of appliances such as toasters - remove the crumbs from them and run a vinegar cycle through the coffee maker. You can steam the interior of the microwave with vinegar and wipe to ensure that the inside is clean. You can move on to wiping the surface of these appliances once you finish cleaning the interiors. Soak a microfibre cloth in vinegar or all-purpose cleaner and use it on them to make the cleaning easier for you. Avoid the use of vinegar on stainless steel as it could strip the shine on the object.

Wipe Down all the Counters

You can give a royal treatment to your kitchen counters after washing the dishes, dusting the surfaces and cleaning the small appliances in them. Start by taking everything off the counters, such as the things you keep on them always - bottles of cooking oils, trays, and other utensils. It will make it easier for you to work in sections. Remove the crumbs that rest between the counters, ovens and trays - you can use a pan scraper to do this, if necessary. You can use a cleaner that is safe to use on your counter type and wipe the surface using a microfibre cloth.

Deep-Clean the Kitchen Sink

Deep-cleaning the kitchen sink is a lot easier than most people think. You can start by rinsing the surface of the sink after using a sink cleanser. Make sure to scrub all the nooks and crannies using a cleaning brush. Also make sure to scrub the faucets, soap dishes, and sponge holders. Finish the scrubbing and fill the sink with hot water and a little bleach to the water. Drain it after letting it sit for ten minutes.

You can add lemons, lemon peels, or other citrus to drain and run the disposal with water running, especially if you want to keep the garbage disposal smelling good.

Clean the Kitchen Floor

Continue the cleaning by sweeping the floor with a broom after dusting the surfaces, washing plates, and cleaning the sinks and counters. Make sure to clean the spaces near the cabinet toe kicks, and also under the refrigerator. Vacuum the kitchen after sweeping to get rid of the fine dust and dirt; you can then mop the floors to clean the remaining fine dust and dirt.

Add Finishing Touches to Your Kitchen

After letting the surface and floor completely dry, you can choose to put some flowers in a vase on the kitchen counter or table as the crowning glory of the newly cleaned kitchen after replacing the cleaning sponges, rags, and towels. You can also choose to spray some air freshener if you like such a smell to stay inside the kitchen after cleaning.

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