Aircon Maintenance: How often you should service your aircon

September 16, 2020
Aircon Maintenance Scheduling

Air conditioning is indispensable in Singapore. It is nearly impossible to survive without air conditioners in the hot and humid weather conditions of our country.  Since we are heavily reliant on air conditioners (or aircons as we love to call them), aircon maintenance is inevitable to keep air conditioners running in good condition.

Air conditioners are expensive home appliances that need proper care. Regular use of air conditioners wear out the air conditioning system and thus reduce the operational lifespan if left unchecked. The solution to maintain the health of air conditioners and increase their lifespan is therefore regular maintenance. This is why landlords also require tenants to produce aircon maintenance receipts at the end of tenancy period to ensure the tenants took care of their expensive air conditioners while renting out the house.

Factors to Consider Before Scheduling Aircon Maintenance

By now the most burning question you may have is how often you should service your aircon in  a tropical country like Singapore. Well, it depends on several factors. The rule of thumb is the more you use the aircon, the more frequently you should service it. Aircon usage depends on your habits and lifestyle. Are you someone who switches on the air conditioner only at night before going to bed? Do you set it on for a couple hours only during the night until your room gets cooled? Are you someone who keeps the air conditioner running throughout the day? You need to ask these questions to figure out the number of hours you use air conditioners at home. 

There are factors other than aircon usage you need to consider while deciding on the frequency of aircon servicing. If you live in a more hot and humid area, your aircon will work twice as hard to deliver the required cooling in your home. The extra load on the air conditioning system will lead to faster burn out.  Another factor to consider is whether you stay near to a construction site. Interiors of buildings nearby a construction site accumulate dirt and dust despite closing all windows. The outdoor units of household split AC therefore collect more dust than usual. As dust is collected in the evaporator or condenser coil, the cooling capacity of air conditioners will be reduced. Excess dirt will get clogged in the air filter blowing contaminants into your home.

On top of the above factors, older air conditioners need to go through frequent check up. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 10 years. Any unit beyond the normal lifespan should be replaced so that not only you get the best cooling but also save on energy bills.

Depending on the circumstances above, you need to determine the frequency of servicing your air conditioners.

Determining the Frequency of Aircon Maintenance

In an average Singaporean household, normal aircon consumption spans from 6-8 hours a day. In such cases, experts recommend regular servicing of aircons once every three months. However if you are a heavy user whose average consumption hours extend above eight or ten hours a day, you have to book a professional aircon service provider to check the health of air conditioners once in two months or sometimes every month should you notice malfunctioning of units or faults like water leakage, rattling noises, minimal cooling etc. Service air conditioners that are prone to frequent dust and dirt exposure more frequently to keep them functioning smoothly.

Is Aircon Maintenance Necessary?

If you are a tenant about to end the tenancy, you must submit aircon servicing receipts or else your rent deposit will be withheld by the landlord. However, this shouldn’t be the only reason to take care of air conditioners at home. Air conditioners left unserviced lose their efficiency over time leading to less cooling effect. The system will wear out so fast it starts to consume more energy leaving you with hefty electricity bills. Moreover, prolonged malfunctioning of air conditioners lead to their permanent breakdown requiring you to replace the unit wholly.

Sendhelper Aircon Subscription Service

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