Make Your New Year’s Guests Feel More at Home in 7 Expert Ways

December 19, 2023

Making the people who you invite to your home for the holiday season feel warm and comfortable is one of the good feelings in the world. When people come all the way to spend time with you and your family, you surely want to keep them happy. Listed below are a few things you should restock before welcoming guests at home

Food and Beverages Stock up on snacks, appetizers, and ingredients for meals and ensure a variety of festive drinks.
Toiletries and Essentials Refresh bathroom supplies: toilet paper, hand soap, and towels. Provide spare toothbrushes and personal care items.
Decorations Check and replace worn-out Christmas decorations and welcome a cozy and festive atmosphere.
Cleaning Supplies Restock on cleaning essentials for pre and post-gathering cleanup. Have enough trash bags and surface cleaners.
Entertainment Update games, movies, or other entertainment options and have a reliable Wi-Fi connection for streaming.

Prepare your home well in advance by cleaning and decluttering for the holiday season. On top of it, here are a few beautiful gestures that will make your guests feel more at ease at your place.

Give Them a Tour at Your Place

How you invite your guests when they arrive at your place plays a big role in the way they will feel for the rest of the time at your space. Whether your guests are from a different culture or not, whether they are coming from near or far, it would be great if you take them around to make them familiar with your home. You can then take them to nearby places like shopping malls and streets to make them feel good in the location. Be a good host, ask about their needs and what they would like to see and engage. Also, help them to follow the Covid-19 protocols for their safety while you host a gathering at home.

Guest Room Welcoming

Plan a guest room welcoming by keeping a bedside tray with a floral arrangement and some chocolates. This can be a fine way of welcoming your friends and family, and they will feel more special. Clean and arrange the room well, add a bedside lamp, books, and magazines into the bedside tables and drawers.

Stock Up Snacks for Your Guests

The holiday season is a time when we all are home, and most of your guests would be getting midnight cravings. Pack some snacks and keep it in their room if you don’t want to worry for them during the night. Cakes, dates, trail mixes, chocolates, and baked goodies can be good options to satisfy their cravings. You can also ask them about their preference prior so that you can easily arrange them all.

Free Up Storage Space for Your Guests

Manage to free up some space in the shelves and tables for your guests to keep their belongings safely. Having enough space to keep their things in their room gives everyone a comfortable feeling. Fix a wall mirror in their room if it’s not there already so that it will be easy for them while styling themselves.

Prepare the Guest Bathroom Well

For most of us, the bathroom is a space for personal time, long showers and tranquillity. Make your guests feel more at home by setting the bathroom decor and lighting appropriately. Get some hand towels and bath towels ready for them to use - keep them hanging and keep the rest in the drawers. Make sure that the shower taps and heater are working fine. Fix broken pipes and leaking toilets before the guests arrive. You can book a plumber on the Sendhelper app to fix anything within a day. Keep small samples of body lotions, soaps, and shampoos in a tray or inside the bathroom cabinet so that they can use the ones they prefer.

Keep their Dietary Preferences in Mind

Make sure that you get to know about the dietary preferences of your guests for meals and even for snacks. Keep vegetarian options available in case your guests have allergies to non-vegetarian foods. 

Almond milk is good to store in the fridge if you want to make coffee to your guests who are intolerant to lactose. Similarly, save some gluten-free and dairy-free food for the ones who are allergic to gluten.

Declutter and Deep Clean Your Home Before Inviting Folks

To avoid scrambling for missing items while your guests are at home for the season, you need to declutter your home and do a deep-cleaning.

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