A guide to finding a reliable plumber in Singapore

March 25, 2020
A guide to finding a reliable plumber in Singapore

Leaking water tap, broken pipes, a choke in the toilet bowl, clogged drain, a faulty heater! These are familiar plumbing problems you experience at home. If you believe in Murphy’s Law, you know anything that can go wrong will go wrong. But the key is to fix these. So, instead of stressing out, you have two options: (1) Fix it by yourself if you have the essential tools, expertise, and time or (2) Hire a reliable plumber whom you can rely on and stay worry-free.

Factors to consider before hiring a plumber

  1. Experience - You should be wary of hiring the services of just about anyone who presents themselves as plumbers on websites like Gumtree, Locanto or similar online portals. When you contact a plumber or a plumbing service company, ask for their years of experience in doing the kind of work that you intend to entrust them with. If possible, check for their reputation online through Google business ratings or customer feedback. Plumbing is an expensive affair, one wrong move will result in disaster and unforeseen additional expenses.
  2. Licence - Since October 2018, Singapore government has made it mandatory for plumbers to obtain a licence for performing services more complex than the installation of a sink or unblocking of floor traps. A licensed plumber or a plumbing company is a sign of trust and expertise. They can also assure warranty for services offered. What else do we need for our peace of mind?
  3. Insurance - Despite hiring the best plumber in town, circumstances may arise where your plumbing job goes wrong resulting in further damage to your property. We recommend you to hire someone who offers you some level of insurance protection.

Ways to find a reliable plumber

  1. Referrals - Referrals from friends, family and neighbours is a great way to find a reliable plumber. You can definitely trust their words because they talk from their past experience with that plumber. You can also ask for recommendations on various Facebook groups, Quora and other online home services forums.
  2. Classified Ads -  As mentioned earlier, Gumtree, Locanto, Singaporeexpats.com, STclassfieds are some of the online platforms in Singapore where you can find advertisements of plumbers and companies. However, you need to personally verify their credentials before signing a service contract.
  3. Marketplace platforms - Sendhelper is a marketplace that connects you instantly with reliable plumbers for all your urgent plumbing needs of any scale. All our service partners are pre-screened, vetted and verified in person before they come onboard. Experience, expertise and necessary licences are checked. Thus, safety and quality is guaranteed. Most of the work is also covered by a 30 to 60 days warranty on workmanship depending on the type of work done - be sure to check with us or the service provider. Sendhelper also covers all jobs under a $1 million insurance coverage for scenarios that include extensive damage. It offers the most competitive rates in Singapore so you need not waste your valuable time comparing sales quotations from multiple plumbers.

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