Things You Have to Clean at Home to Welcome Christmas During Covid-19

December 10, 2020
Things to clean for Christmas during Covid-19

We are always guilty of cleaning the same things as part of our home cleaning routine leaving some of the other important things ignored all the time. These are often hard-to-reach surfaces or those that demand extra attention and more time to clean up. But this year, it would be a lot different as we have to pay attention on things to clean for Christmas due to the new normal.

We mostly start with vacuuming and dusting the floors, scrubbing the bathrooms, cleaning the refrigerator, and end up tidying the kitchen. Chances are so high that we forget some filthy objects at home - those that are left uncleaned for a while. Sanitizing has become an unavoidable part of deep cleaning. Make your Christmas cleaning as thorough as possible by doing the sanitization properly - clean all the germ-infected objects at your home. 

Listed below are a few items you can consider to include in your Christmas cleaning schedule. Remember that you will have to sanitise the surface of all these objects and the ones that are shared for use even when you clean their interior.

Washing Machine

Cleaning the washing machine at our home is not something we think about often. A washing machine can easily get affected by mold and bacteria since it is damp all the time. When we leave the door shut between the washing cycles, the chance for this is even greater. 

You can clean your washing machine with two cups of white vinegar to the detergent spot and by running a cycle. You can add half a cup of baking soda and run through another cycle with high heat. After that, wipe the inside of the machine using a damp cloth. You can also consider buying washing machine cleaning tablets. 

You can either keep a sanitising spray near the machine and advise people to do the sanitising after using it.


Dishwashers also serve as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria since they are warm and damp all the time. Food pieces that fall inside the dishwasher can also lead to bacterial growth in the interior of the dishwasher. 

Dishwasher cleaning tablets are one of the best options for deep cleaning your dishwasher. It would be great if you handle the dishwasher use by yourself to avoid multiple sanitising.

Remote Controls

Things to clean for Christmas during Covid-19

Remote controls are objects that are most touched by everyone in the house. The fact that no one washes their hands before using remotes makes it vital for us to clean them in a while. 

Remotes can sometimes be icky too, and you do not want them to hang around in such a condition while guests are at your place for Christmas. Clean the remotes by using anti-bacterial wipes. Remove the batteries and dip a cloth into alcohol. Now, wipe thoroughly all over the surface and around all the buttons of the remote.

Since the threat for Covid-19 is still there, it is extra important to clean the remote controls. Make sure that you ask your guests to spray the sanitiser after they use the remotes.

Coffee Machine

The inside of the coffee maker needs a good cleaning once in a while even though you might be washing its pot after every use and cleaning its filter in a while. It can get filthy if not cleaned properly -so you need to clean it to avoid the sneaking in of dirt into coffees for your guests. 

Coffee machines usually come with instruction manuals with specific instructions on descaling. You can just brew a pot with water and white vinegar and wash it using soapy water. 

Make sure that you sanitise the surface and handles of the coffee maker after you prepare coffee for the day.

Ice Maker

Ice makers at your home can become dirty, and this can affect the taste of the ice. Clean them thoroughly before the Christmas season to avoid this by unplugging the refrigerator and pulling out the ice bin followed by emptying it. Clean it using soapy water and replace the filters if necessary.

Inside of Trash Bins

How often do you change or clean the inside of the trash bins at your home? I know this question might have kept you thinking, but stop the worry and start cleaning for the better. Food bits are likely to get stuck inside the trash cans, thereby starting to smell. 

You can start cleaning the trash bins by putting on a pair of gloves and emptying them. Follow it by turning on the hose and washing them down - both inside and outside. You can then let it dry using a towel and spray disinfectant, both on the inside and outside. Rinse it out and let the cans dry again.

Air Conditioning Vents

Things to clean for Christmas during Covid-19

Air conditioning and heating vents are most likely to be full of dust, and it can result in causing difficulties for people with breathing problems. Make sure that you clean the vents while you deep clean your space before the Christmas season hits. You can unscrew the ducts and remove the grates and dust them using a brush. You can also replace the grates after vacuuming the ducts thoroughly. Regular maintenance of air conditioners will solve these problems from aggravation.

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