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Sendhelper’s Safety Measures for COVID-19

August 6, 2021

Our health, hygiene and safety standards are designed to keep you safe.

We follow WHO and MOH recommended measures to ensure your and our service partners’ safety from Covid-19. Sendhelper is committed to providing you a safe service experience.

Our active service partners are COVID-19 vaccinated

90% of our active service partners have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose as on 6th August 2021.

We have been working hard to facilitate the vaccination drive among our service providers to ensure everyone’s safety. Look out for the ‘COVID-19 Vaccinated’ badge against your service provider in the app moving forward.

Hire COVID-19 vaccinated professionals.

Our service partners wear masks and gloves while providing service

All service partners wear masks while providing the service to you at home. Should you require them to wear gloves, they will do so too. You may choose to provide any such protective equipment of your choice.

Our service partners wash hands before and after every service

All service partners carry hand sanitisers with them. They wash hands, thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, before and after every service. We seek your cooperation in letting them use your facilities for hand washing.

Our service partners go through daily temperature checks

Service partners submit their temperatures on a daily basis to confirm their health status and ability to work. Our team strictly monitors the information in real time. Access to the platform will be removed for any service partner who displays high temperature.

Our service partners maintain social distancing while on the job

All service partners maintain a distance of 6ft from customers and members of their residence while performing any service. This is done with cooperation from customers. You can help us in keeping everyone safe by helping our service partners maintain social distancing norms when they visit you for a service.

Our service partners use workwear exclusively for working indoors at your place

In addition to following high standards of personal hygiene to maintain a neat and clean appearance, all service partners also carry separate clothes for travel outdoors and work indoors.

Our service partners use TraceTogether app for early identification

Our service partners use the TraceTogether app and keep it on so that in case of any potential exposure, they are identified early and restricted from working and moving around.

Our service partners are up-to-date on all latest information & best practices

We make all efforts to educate our service partners of the current health crisis and advise them to undertake necessary precautionary measures as per the directives of the authorities. We share weekly updates and information on the latest developments, best practices, news, regulations, laws and restrictions that affect health, safety and well-being of our customers and service partners.

You can help us too in our efforts to keep everyone safe.

We also need your help in keeping your experience safe. This will also help us keep service partners and all other customers safe. For the Sendhelper community, this is safety of the community, by the community, for the community. We urge you to help us with the following:

  1. Wear masks and maintain safe distance when a service is being carried out at home.
  2. Use hand sanitiser frequently or wash hands with soap and water as many times as possible.
  3. Cover your mouth with tissue paper when sneezing or coughing, and dispose of the soiled tissue paper in a trash bin responsibly.
  4. Allow service partners to use your facilities to wash and change at the start and end of the service.
  5. Keep the air conditioning switched on to facilitate a conducive working environment for service partners who are undertaking heavy physical work wearing masks in hot and humid weather conditions.
  6. Ventilate your premises well by opening windows prior to and after each service.
  7. If you are unwell, seek medical attention. Also, inform us as early as possible in case you require to reschedule the booking.

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