Covid-19: How to Host a Christmas Gathering at Your Home

December 24, 2020
How to host Christmas gathering during Covid-19?

Planning to host a Christmas gathering this year?

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations gaining momentum, most of us would want to invite people to our homes for parties and gatherings with our dear ones. Christmas gatherings are going to look a lot different this year due to the pandemic, and this is the reason why we need to take all the necessary precautions while hosting a party. With a few alterations and tweaks to our plans, we still can be a happy host for Christmas.

The safe option is always to limit the people you invite over to your place and keep the gatherings to a minimum. As per Phase 3 regulations in Singapore, you can invite up to 8 people to a house gathering. In addition, here are a few extra things for you to keep in mind to make safety a priority while arranging a party amidst the pandemic.

Celebrate by Practicing Safe Social Distancing 

How to host Christmas gathering at home during Covid-19?

When you host an indoor party, ask your guests to try to maintain a safe distance of six feet between each other. While greeting, you would feel like going for a hug or handshake, but try to greet them through other ways - maybe with a wave or even verbally with safe gestures.

Ask Your Guests to Wear Masks 

By now, we are all very clear that wearing masks while mingling with people can let us stay on the safe side of our health to a great extent. Make sure to tell your guests that it is important to put on a face covering while they are attending the party. 

Tell Your Guests to Stay Home if They are Sick 

If anyone on your invite list has been suffering from Covid-19 or shows symptoms during the fourteen days before the party, remind them to isolate and take rest. Make sure that you mention this as a concern at the beginning of the invitation itself so that all others are safe. Ask the elderly ones and those with pre-existing health conditions to take all the necessary precautions even if they are at your place.

Provide Good Options for Hand Hygiene

Set up hand sanitiser stations at areas such as the welcoming points, dining tables, bathrooms, and so on. Keep the sanitisers near objects that are usually handled by many people. Encourage your guests to use them or wash their hands regularly even if they forget to do it. 

Cut Down the Serving and Handling of Food As Far As You Can

Designate the task of serving all the food to your guests as this can help cut down the chance of multiple people touching the utensils. Opting single-use options such as plates and glasses can be a good option; you can also choose proportioned packs of salad dressings and condiments along with throw-away tableware

Disinfect Frequently Used Surfaces

Make sure that you regularly sanitise the surfaces multiple people come in contact with such as the switches, door knobs, garbage bin lids, countertops of the kitchen etc. This is a very important step when you host a Christmas gathering at home during the pandemic.

Do the After-Party Cleaning Safely

How to host Christmas gathering at home during Covid-19?

After-party cleaning is as important as doing all the cleaning before the guests arrive at your place for the gathering. Make sure that you take all the necessary precautions, and if you can’t, Sendhelper is the best cleaning service provider you can choose. We offer house cleaning service by taking all the necessary precautions for everyone’s safety. 

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