A Post Renovation Cleaning Checklist to Save Your Home

April 30, 2024

Congratulations! We assume you managed to give the much-awaited makeover to your house in Singapore! We can only imagine how long you would have waited to get it done. However, just because you completed the renovation well doesn’t mean the job is over. Post-renovation cleaning is also something we should pay attention to. Whether you do it on your own or by booking the service of a reputable post renovation cleaning service provider is up to you. However, it is crucial to make sure your renovated house is clean using a sound post renovation cleaning checklist.

Here is a list of cleaning supplies you might need for your post renovation cleaning

Vacuum with HEPA Filter Captures fine dust from floors and carpets without spreading it in the air.
Microfiber Cloths Trapps dust on various surfaces, like countertops and furniture.
All-Purpose Cleaner Cleans dirt and grime from most surfaces, such as countertops and sinks.
Dust Mask or Respirator Protects you from inhaling dust and fine particles.
Mop and Bucket Helps for cleaning floors for better dust collection.

Cleaning up a building after a major renovation can sometimes be tricky. We know it too, which is why we are here with a post renovation cleaning checklist. It will give you an insight into how to do it the right way. Let’s get going and see what you should do while giving a deep cleaning of your space.

Here's the perfect post renovation cleaning checklist

Let’s Begin By Vacuuming the Floor and Carpets

If you want the carpets or carpeted floors at your home to look their best, you will have to vacuum them thoroughly. If there is too much dust and dirt everywhere, you should remove the carpets and rugs from the space. Give the carpets a good wash after checking their label, dry and keep them away from the dusty space. Put them back only after deep cleaning your house. Otherwise, you will be most likely to clean them again soon.

Cleaning all the carpets is only a step you will begin with. However, you are likely to get tired when you do it. In such situations, it is wise to book a deep cleaning service from the best service provider in Singapore, Sendhelper.

Here are some smart carpet cleaning tips to take better care of them at home. The same applies to outdoor rugs too. Don’t worry, we have a guide with tips on how to clean outdoor rugs so you can take a look.  

Take Out All the Trash From Your Space

It is usual to find leftover trash from homes that are just being renovated. Look for old coffee cups, paint trays, brushes, plastic bags, paper cups, plates, construction debris and so on. Make sure that you look for debris in corners and remove it all before you proceed with the next steps of deep cleaning.

Now, Let’s Wipe Clean Countertops

The countertops of your home too will have a build-up of dust and grime. To make countertops look shiny all again, clean their entire surface using a damp sponge or microfibre cloth. If the countertops of your home are made of quartz, make sure that you clean them and treat them gently.

Here is our guide on how to clean quartz countertops at your home safely.

Shall We Mop and Clean the Hard Floors?

Just like how we mentioned the importance of cleaning carpets and carpeted floors, we also like to remind you of the importance of cleaning hard floors. It doesn’t matter whether you have tiled, linoleum, bamboo or wooden flooring at your home, you should make sure that they should be mopped well to get rid of dust layers. Are you wondering whether you were cleaning linoleum floors at your home the right way?

Take a look at our guide to cleaning linoleum floors here. We also have a guide on how to clean bamboo flooring at your home, do it the right way!

Dust and Clean All the Windows and Houseplants

Dust and then wipe clean glass windows of your home using a commercial glass cleaner and microfibre cloth. You can even use an organic window cleaning product if you prefer green cleaning. Most of us will likely forget about our house plants while we get busy cleaning everything else. You should clean every decor piece of your home while cleaning the rooms after a renovation. Read up on what to keep in mind while cleaning your houseplants to have better insights.

Don’t Forget to Wipe Clean all the Mirrors

One of the common things that will get noticed in our homes quickly if they are dirty is mirrors. The reason behind this is that we are more likely to look into mirrors when we enter a space. Therefore, wipe clean all the mirrors and make sure that they are free from dust, streaks and dirty spots. If you use a microfibre cloth and glass cleaner for cleaning, let the mirrors dry first. Now wipe clean them using a paper towel to remove the water marks left by cleaning using the cloth.

Did You Notice the Windowsills?

Just like the countertops, the windowsills of your home are where a lot of dust and debris gets accumulated normally when we keep the windows open. Now, just imagine how much dust can settle there after a major renovation. Dust and wipe clean these windowsills to remove all the dust. Wipe clean every surface using a disinfectant after you wipe clean the areas using water and a soft cloth to get rid of the germs. It is important to not forget to keep your home sanitized when we stress about making it clean after the renovation.

Clean the Ceilings and Ceiling Fans

No home will reach the maximum level of beauty unless you keep the ceiling and ceiling fans clean. So much dust and dirt will accumulate on the ceiling and ceiling fans of your rooms. Pay attention to this and clean it using a vacuum cleaner first. Now wipe clean the fan using a damp cloth. Use an all-purpose cleaner to do the final round of wiping on the fans.

Wipe Clean All the Exterior Lights

Exterior elements such as lights and fans will also get covered with layers of dust during the renovation project. It is why it is important not to forget lights while you are cleaning your home and garden in Singapore post the renovation.

Get Rid of Paint from the Hinges

There are chances for the paint to get into the hinges during the renovation project. Painters could accidentally touch their paintbrush to the hinge thereby leaving paint marks on them. It is not practical for them to remove the paint while they are invested in the painting. Sometimes, they won’t even notice it. You must check the hinges of all the doors to see if there are residues of paint. We are reminding you to do this if you have forgotten to do this while the painters were there and if you couldn’t ask them to clean the paint.

Dust and Wipe Clean all the Handrails and Banisters

It is crucial to clean the handrails and banisters thoroughly when you go about cleaning your staircases. Make them look their best by cleaning them by wiping using a microfibre cloth and all-purpose cleaning. Do not avoid cleaning these areas as they are vital for keeping up the beauty of a space.

Deep Clean All the Bathrooms of Your Home

Many people might have been using your bathrooms during the renovation process. We can imagine how much dirt would accumulate in your bathroom after the renovation.

We know this is not an easy part while you do all the post-renovation cleaning. But you have to get it done as it is important from both the hygienic and aesthetic points of view. Make sure you do not hurry through cleaning bathrooms as it is important to keep them clean to use. Leftover debris and paint can stay stuck on bathroom floors if you keep them uncleaned for long periods. If you find a situation where you feel that there is a need for too much exertion while cleaning it up. Book the cleaning service from the Sendhelper to take that weight off your shoulder.

Oh, did we forget to tell you how to book services with us? Just download the Sendhelper app or visit the website and book. You can avail of fast booking and flexible scheduling for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning, just like when you do a one-time booking.

Take Out all the Plastics, Tape and Packaging

There will be so much leftover plastics, tape and packaging that will be left lying here and there along with the dust after the renovation. The materials can come from new stuff and appliances you might have bought during the renovation. The workers might also bring a few things. So chances for them leaving plastic are also there. It doesn’t matter where such stuff comes from. At the end of the day, make sure that you take all such stuff away before cleaning up. Otherwise, they are likely to create a big mess while you go about cleaning the floors, especially while vacuuming.

Never Forget to Dust the Tops and Sides of All the Doors

Doors that are properly cleaned bring in a big difference to the overall look of your space. Cross the task of dusting the top portion and sides of the doors of your space. You can also choose to vacuum these areas using the appropriate brush fitting. White doors should not be avoided at any cost. In fact, you should not avoid any kind of doors while cleaning up after a major renovation at your home. A post renovation cleaning checklist in incomplete without cleaning up the doors.

Power wash Your Home’s Porch and Driveway

You may have to see too much dirt on the exterior of your house. But don't panic, just powerwash the areas. You will be surprised to see the amount of dirt that will come off when you do it. We will also not realize how dirty it was while the renovation was going on because we mostly get used to seeing it. Just do the power wash and see how much better these areas will look. Don’t worry about buying a power washer for this. Just go rent one to do the job or get in touch with the Sendhelper to do this for you. It can be even better as you wouldn’t want to tackle additional expenses on top of all the effort you have to put into cleaning. Weren’t you already having a stressful time during the renovation?

Clean all the Cabinets

It is a must that you should clean all the cabinets of your home after a renovation project. Take good time to wipe clean the inside and surfaces of the cabinets. Get rid of the stains and dust accumulated on them with simple wiping. Cabinets are always beautiful, so give them the love they deserve and make them shine!

Dust the Vents

One of the areas many people might forget to add to their post renovation cleaning checklist is vents. We are here to tell you how important it is to pay special attention to these areas and give them a good dusting and wiping too, if possible. Please keep in mind that your rooms will never be completely clean without keeping the vents clean too. Dirt will always find a way to fall back into your rooms from the vent if you ignore cleaning them.

Did You Forget the Closets?

Workers mostly store their tools and materials. Sometimes they store the trash too inside closets while working. They are most likely to forget that they have kept stuff inside. Make sure you go through these closets, remove the materials from the closets, and clean them properly. Dust inside the closets and give them a good wiping. Do not skip this part, especially if you are about to rent your space out after the renovation. It will impress the potential future tenants when they come to visit your space before signing the agreement.

Check the Interior Masonry

Inspecting and cleaning the interior masonry is an essential thing to do. Interior masonry includes marble, brick and rock. These surfaces tend to invite a lot of dust and dirt during the remodelling project. While covering these surfaces can help you save the amount of dust that will come in contact with them, there is nothing you can do to keep these surfaces completely away from surfaces. The only way is to give them a good cleaning after all the renovation is over.

Pick Trash and Debris from the Surrounding Grounds

Construction workers tend to leave trash outside your house while keeping in mind they have to avoid messing up your home more. You should give a good inspection by walking around outside of your house and picking up the trash that is lying on the ground. Pick them up and throw them away.

Give All the Appliances a Good Clean

Clean the outside of all the vital appliances of your home such as the fridge, oven, microwave, toasters, stoves, coffee pots, and so on. Remember to turn off all the appliances before cleaning them except for the refrigerator. We care about you so much that we won’t forget to tell you not to clean the stove when it is hot.

Wipe Down All the Tables and Chairs

Dust will always get accumulated on tables and chairs though we might not realise it. Trust us when we say, dust is everywhere. Therefore, make sure that you put all the tables and chairs back only after wipe cleaning them.

Time to Put a Welcome Mat at the Entrance

Putting a welcome mat at the entrance of your home is not just about adding character. It also saves our effort from having to clean our homes all the time. Do you realise how much more dust and dirt will easily get into our homes if we skip this simple thing? Take this advice seriously and keep a mat at your entrance to reduce the amount of dirt you bring in each time when you come in.

Diffuse Some Essential Oils into the Air

Diffusing essential oils such as eucalyptus have the benefit of purifying the air as well as making the place smell good. Doing this can also help you remove the smell of new paint that linger inside the rooms.

Empty all the Waste Bins

Trash cans are likely to get filled soon during a renovation project. They also use the dust bins over and over again. Make sure that you empty the trash bins from all the rooms. Keep the trash bins back only after cleaning them well. You can even wash and sanitise them before keeping them back as hygiene is always a priority. Your home will never be entirely clean if you have dirty trash cans in each room.

Hire Trusworthy Home Services to Take Care of Your Newly Done Home

Now that we have covered pretty much everything you have to take care of based on our post renovation cleaning checklist, get it done soon. Waiting continuously to give your home a deep cleaning is not a good idea as the stains can become stubborn with time. Are you confused about whether you should take up a huge task all by yourself? Just book our deep cleaning service - our experienced professionals at Sendhelper will simplify everything for you.

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