A Guide to Cleaning Bamboo Flooring at Your Home

May 19, 2022
Tips for cleaning bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the popular flooring choices among homeowners in Singapore. It is even better than hardwoods like maple and oak as it has better resistance to water. Cleaning bamboo flooring is comparatively easy, but there will be regular maintenance you will have to do to make the floors look the best. Small particles of sand and dirt can creep into the finish of bamboo floors, thereby causing dents and scratches to give them a faded look. You will also need to clean spills and wet spots from floors as soon as they happen to avoid staining and warping. 

When to Clean Bamboo Flooring at Home?

You need to clean bamboo floors as needed and it depends on the traffic in your home. Clean the floors of the kitchen, recreation room, and hallways daily if you have children running around at home. And, cleaning spills quickly is mandatory - do damp mopping with a microfibre once a week. 

How to Clean Bamboo Flooring?

Clean the Spills on the Floor

Soak up the spills with a sponge or dry microfibre cloth. You can then slightly dampen the microfibre cloth or sponge and wipe the area to remove the remaining dirt. Follow by drying the area with a soft towel or microfibre cloth. 

Sweep or Vacuum the Floors 

You can get rid of the dirt and dust using a soft broom, dust mop, or vacuum cleaner that has a soft head. Follow by disposing of the waste into a can each time you sweep/mop/vacuum the floor. 

Clean the Stains and Dried Spills 

Note the areas where you see stains and dried spills while you sweep the floor. The next step is to get rid of them. For this, dampen a soft cloth using water and rinse the area to remove the dirt. If you feel that it is not enough to remove the dried spills and dirt, dampen the cloth with a mild hardwood cleaning solution and rub the area once again. Follow by wiping the cleaned area with a cloth dampened using fresh water to remove the cleaning solution from the floor. You can now dry the area using a soft cloth or towel as the last step. 

Do a Damp Mopping 

Dilute some hardwood-rated cleaner according to the instructions on the product and dampen a mop and squeeze it until it becomes barely damp. This is to ensure that the mop is just damp, and not wet. Follow by gently mopping the floor in a circular motion and then wiping the floor using a clean and dry towel to remove excess wetness. 

Do Some Heavy Cleaning 

Pick an approved hardwood cleaning solution and prepare it for application by following the instructions given on the product’s label. Dip a clean and soft rag into the solution and squeeze dry until it becomes only slightly damp. Apply the solution to the floor evenly without letting it pool or puddle. Follow by wipe cleaning the floor using a dry towel to get a good finish. 

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Bamboo Flooring 

  • Never use vacuums with a beater bar on the bamboo floor as it can damage the finish of the floor. 
  • Make sure that you never add extra water to bamboo floors while cleaning. Slight dampness is enough to mop the floor. 
  • Skip the use of steel wools and other abrasive powders to scour the floors. 
  • You must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer while cleaning your bamboo flooring. Ensure that you are familiar with the warranty that came with the floor to avoid taking any kind of actions that could possibly void it. 
  • Make sure that you remove the shoes and ask others to do the same while entering your house. It will help avoid dirt and dust and prevent scratches that happen from spike heels and shoes. 
  • Ensure that you put doormats both inside and outside the entrances of your home. 
  • Use rugs that cover much of the flooring in areas that have high traffic such as the hallways and around sinks. 

How to Prepare and Use a DIY Cleaning Solution for Bamboo Flooring?

You don’t always need a commercial cleaning product to clean stains and dried-up soil from bamboo floors. You can prepare an effective and natural cleaning solution using vinegar at home in no time!

Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar and a quart of water to get a solution that will help you clean the surface of bamboo floors safely and effectively. The method of application is the same as with a commercial cleaning solution - use a damp cloth or sponge and squeeze dry it before applying. Make sure to dilute the vinegar properly as concentrated vinegar can damage the finish of bamboo floors. You can also save this solution to remove stains or use it while you do a deep cleaning at home. 

Home Floor Cleaning Services in Singapore

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