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Service Basics

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Sendhelper is the choice of masses on the island. We provide services like cleaning, cooking and laundry all over Singapore and have always proved to be the best. We are making laundry easier than DIY laundry Singapore.

Sendhelper is a team of professionals who specialize in laundry services. We provide door to door services with utmost care. All you’ve got to do is book a laundry on our app and we will send our helpers to pick-up your bag of dirty rags. We also specialize in keeping your special clothes safe while using various quality checks and make sure we do not harm your clothes while making them spick and span.

Sendhelper Advantage

Secure & convenient payment: Just add your card to our app and have express hassle-free payment. Be assured about security of your card with our safest payment gateway.

Quick laundry solution: We are fast and are always available on your fingertips through our app. We provide all types of laundry in Singapore, Quick and clean!

Save time: With us, you can save time and rather use it to relax or have fun with your friends and family. Handover your dirty clothes to our helper and we will deliver it back, without any hassle for you.

Harmless & hygienic processes: No nasty chemicals used. We use processes that is cloth friendly and doesn’t harm your skin or the environment.

Lowest prices: No hidden costs whatsoever! We are the best laundry in Singapore to help you solve your laundry problems at the lowest cost for laundry Singapore.

Door-to-door service: SendHelper is spread all over the island, providing free delivery too!

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