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August 4, 2019

Living in a tropical country like Singapore, dusting and vacuuming the house at least once in a week is business as usual. While we are particular about a regular schedule of house cleaning, curtains often don’t get the same kind of attention.

Curtains tend to accumulate dust and dirt the most causing ailments like asthma, eczema, infections and other allergies and not to mention they become smelly and musty over time if left ignored. Curtains need to be cleaned at least once in three months to keep them in good condition. If you live near the sea – Sentosa, Keppel Bay or in the East Coast of Singapore – clean the curtains once in a month because salty sea air deposits salt on windowpanes and curtains turning it grimy in no time.

To save yourself off the hassle of regular curtain cleaning, find a laundry service provider through sendhelper app instantly. We have a network of pre-screened companies specialised in curtain cleaning.

Why should you outsource curtain cleaning?

Some curtains are machine washable. However, with limited space to hang clothes in most of the apartments in Singapore, you may not get heavy and long curtains dried properly. As a result the heavy fabric holds moisture that breeds moulds and mites.

Curtains made of sensitive fabric like silk, linen or lined with beads or embroidery require a professional dry cleaning service provider to preserve its freshness. Such fabric will not be suitable for normal machine wash and if you do so, it will reduce the life span of your expensive curtains.

Dry cleaning of curtains is also recommended to remove stubborn stains and spots where a simple mix of water and detergent is not effective.

Nearest curtain cleaner in Singapore

sendhelper app gives you access to a network of trusted and reliable laundry service providers who are specialised in load washing, dry cleaning etc. Your nearest service provider is only a few clicks away in the app. You will be surprised to know that a number of laundry companies in Singapore are instantly connected with you the moment your order is submitted.

Fast collection and drop-off

After you have scheduled a pick-up, you will instantly receive a confirmation and you need not even contact the laundry service provider. You can simply manage the order through the app. What more? Track the status of the job order at any point in time, too!

When you book through the sendhelper app, you are entitled to free pick-up and delivery.

Service available at all locations

Whether you live in Marina Bay, Woodlands or near the Changi Business Park, you will find a service provider through our platform. Schedule your laundry on the app and let a trusted laundry company take care of the rest.

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