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How to Wash Baby Cloth Diapers Properly

May 5, 2021
Wash baby cloth diapers.

The idea of washing cloth diapers might seem difficult when we first think of it, but you will appreciate and prefer it more when you get to know the numerous benefits that come along with it. Millions of disposable diapers are added to the landfills of every country each year, and the estimated time for a diaper in a landfill to decompose is five hundred years! Isn’t that scary enough to use a cloth diaper whenever possible? After all, climate change is for real, and we are contributing to it in many ways we shouldn’t be. Every diaper thrown into the trash infects the ecosystem with poisonous chemicals, and you are making a big difference when you choose to use cloth diapers on your baby more often. This article outlines a few important tips to wash baby cloth diapers.

What You Need to Know Before Washing Baby Cloth Diapers

The first thing to consider before washing the cloth diaper you bought for your baby is to check the product packaging. Many diaper companies give detailed instructions for you to follow while washing the diapers. All such instructions should be followed for you to receive warranties if things go wrong. 

Decide in advance about how to store the used diapers until you get ready to wash them. There are containers designed specifically to store used cloth diapers; zippers and waterproof wet bags are also good choices. One of the common concerns of many people is the odour, which is common while storing used diapers. Don't worry - some deodorizers can be used specifically to reduce the smell of used diapers.

How to Wash Baby Cloth Diapers?

Remove the Solid Waste from Diapers

The water-soluble waste of breastfed babies would not require any special removal. But, some people prefer to toss the spoiled diapers before putting them into storage bags, and that’s perfectly okay. 

However, the diaper of babies who are fed with formula and other solid foods have to be made free of solid waste before storing them in bags. You can dump the waste directly into the toilet or scrape it away from the diaper. Diaper sprayers are also excellent choices to remove the waste since you can attach them to the toilet like mini-showerheads. You can also use a spray bottle and even running water to swish away the waste.

Store the Diapers in a Bag Until They are Ready to Wash

If you have already rinsed the diapers while removing the waste from it, make sure that it remains wet. The diapers that remain wet until washing is the secret of poop getting washed away easily without any stain. Pee diapers are exceptions as they can go straight into the pail without having to do any prior preparations.


Wash the Dirty Diapers of Your Baby Everyday

To wash baby cloth diapers daily might seem excessive when you think about it for the first time, but you have no option when it comes to dealing with water-logged and stinky diapers. You could get away with it for two or three days, but waiting longer than that to wash diapers will leave them with mildew stains. This will demand extra washing to get rid of the stains.

Do Not Wash Baby Cloth Diapers All In a Single Go

Your baby is most likely to use 8-10 diapers a day - newborns need even more numbers. This will need you to stock up on at least twice the cloth diapers you’ll need for a day. This is very important to take note of, especially if you know that washing the diapers every day is excessive for you. You would need to stock up at least sixteen cloth diapers to avoid last-minute worrying. 

Dump the Dirties Into the Washing Machine and Run a Cold Cycle 

You will need to use a speed wash cycle with cold water and not add any detergents. This will help to loosen up lingering dirt and reduce the chance of staining. However, some people prefer to use a small scoop of stain remover while doing this. 

Run the Diapers Through a Second Cycle with Warm Water 

You can use a cloth-friendly detergent to clean the diaper while doing the hot cycle. People also prefer to add little baking soda to the detergent as it gives an overall power boost. It also helps in reducing odours and removing protein-based stains from the diapers. Prefer to go for an extra rinse if your machine has an option for it - it will wash away the residues from the diapers making it cleaner as more water runs through it. 

Do not use bleach while washing the diapers of your baby. Bleach is a very strong chemical that spoils the clothes easily - it may also cancel the manufacturer warranties. You can use vinegar as an alternative for a strong cleaning acid to make the fabrics fresh and softer, but make sure that you use them in small quantities. 

Also avoid the use of baby detergents as they can cause build-up on the diaper that will, in turn, reduce the absorbency of the diaper. 

Line Dry or Air Dry the Cloth Diapers After Washing

The best way to dry cloth diapers is in the line where sunlight can hit them. Drying clothes in sunlight makes the clothes free of bacteria. It reduces the chance of staining and gives more freshness to the clothes. If you don’t have an option to dry the diapers outside, you can do this by setting up a clothesline inside your home. Even though you can’t get the same freshness for the diapers, you can still have the benefits of line drying. Line drying helps to extend the lifetime of the diapers when they are hung in a way that supports the elastic. 

Using dryers will cause more wear and tear for the diapers; it can also spoil the waterproof linings, buttons, and snaps of diapers. Make sure to check the drying instructions given on the packaging of the diapers if you need to put them inside a dryer. High heat can cause a loosening of the fabric, so avoid using dryers whenever possible.


Always Carry Waterproof Bags 

Zippered and waterproof bags are easy to carry around and use. Storing smelly diapers becomes easy with such bags. 

Try to Use Disposable Diaper Liners 

Diaper liners offer extra protection from causing stains, and they look similar to dryer sheets. They just pop into the diaper just like maxi pads, and most of them are flushable and biodegradable. 

Use Baking Soda Inside the Bag

Carrying stinky cloth diapers can become easy with baking soda. Sprinkle some of it directly inside the zipper bag to keep it smelling fresh.

Consider Getting Laundry Service if it is Too Much for You 

Many people stick to using cloth diapers and give up in between because they fail to do it properly. Being a little disciplined can help things fall into place. It can also help our environment in tremendous ways. When it comes to doing the laundry, several laundry habits make your life easier. Educate yourself on the importance of being disciplined about doing the laundry and sticking to sustainable ways of living.

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