Six Laundry Habits to Make Your Life Easier

June 25, 2020
Laundry habits to make your life easier. We recommend you to use Sendhelper professional laundry services to save your time.

Laundry habits may not necessarily be a topic of interest for many of us; but we do laundry at least once a week out of compulsion, and of course for reasons of hygiene. Nobody likes doing laundry; you will not find someone tagging themselves as a ‘laundry enthusiast’ on their Instagram profile in real life!

Let’s be honest. Our plans for weekends largely revolve around the big laundry basket with clothes piled up in a corner of the bedroom. More often, laundry eats up most part of a Saturday or Sunday. That’s why we thought of sharing the best laundry habits you could incorporate to make make life easier.

Best Laundry Habits

Do it in small batches -  The sight of a big basket of laundry is enough to drain your energy off. One of the best laundry habits we can think of is not to let the dirty clothes pile up. Wash clothes in small batches; while you are making a cup of tea, cooking dinner after work or even watching your favourite Netflix show. Let the washing machine run the preset washing cycle simultaneously. Stealing a few minutes from your busy schedule each day is a smart way to get your laundry done without feeling the pressure.

Spot clean as you go - If you stain clothes during a party or when kids play around the house, you should apply a stain remover as soon as possible and leave it for washing when you have an immediate chance. If you allow it to settle, you will end up rubbing and washing clothes for hours before you can remove the stubborn stains off. The earlier you take action, the easier it will be - another best laundry habit you must never fail to follow.

Master washing machine settings - Make use of ‘timer’ or cycle length in your washing machine. For less soiled or delicate clothes, use ‘Quick Wash’. It will wash clothes in less than an hour depending on the washing machine. We also recommend smart hand-wash techniques for delicate clothes to save time and energy. You may use a longer washing cycle for heavy and stained fabrics only, and thus save your valuable time. Spinning the clothes twice in the washing machine will help drain the excess water off the clothes. Thus, you can hang it up straight out of the machine.

Delegate chores - Leave heavy fabrics like sheets and towels for the weekend. During weekends, when your partner and kids are at home, share laundry tasks with them to reduce effort and time taken to complete it. It is also a great way to get your children to help you with household chores, thus nurturing them to understand the nuances of home care from a young age.

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