Aircon Installation in Singapore: Things to Consider While Buying a New Air Conditioner for Your Home

October 11, 2022

Even before the rise of global temperature being a menace each year, aircon installation in Singapore has been a standard practice in every household. We just couldn’t live without aircons! It is one of the most comforting appliances in a household, but how do you decide on investing money in your aircon? Going on and on with after models without knowing what we should look for in them can be a little daunting. 

Sendhelper has been dealing with aircon servicing in Singapore. That’s why we are here with a detailed guide on what you should keep in mind for aircon installation in Singapore so you could avoid regrets later. Read on to know in detail about everything and go to the appliance store like a boss!

What You Need to Know Before Getting a New Aircon

We have listed the main aspects everyone should look into while purchasing an aircon for their home, and here are them.

Types of Air Conditioners

The first and foremost thing you should do before getting into the business is brainstorm and know about your requirements well. If you’re in Singapore, take the time and effort to know the different types of Aircons in the market in detail. Knowing the types means getting to know their requirements and features so that it gets easier to narrow down your search.

Window Air Conditioner: Most households in Singapore have window aircon. These are the types of aircon you can install in rooms with windows. There are a few pre-requirements to keep in mind before you decide on window aircon installation in Singapore. Window air conditioners require more space for them to fit, and there is a chance for your aircon installation expert to ask to make the window bigger for installation. Aircons work efficiently when installed in the middle of the wall as it will encourage the air to go on both sides. 

Split Air Conditioner: These types of aircon are suited for rooms without windows and are installed on the top of the wall. They are more compact when compared to window air conditioners, hence they have the plus point of looking neat on the wall. Most companies provide advanced features for split aircon models, thereby making them a grand choice. 

Portable Air Conditioner: This is a new type of air conditioning system that came out on the market some years back. Portable aircon is designed majorly to use in small spaces where there is no possibility to install either the window aircon or the split aircon. You can install this type of aircon anywhere as they are small; you can also move or shift them according to your needs. 

These are the basic types of air conditioners though there are many other types such as central aircon, hybrid aircon, inverter aircon, portable aircon, non-inverter aircon, etc. available on the market. 

Cooling Capacity

The next important aspect we should consider for aircon installation in Singapore is its cooling capacity, which is known as tonnage. Buying an aircon with less cooling capacity for a bigger room will not cool the room well enough; it will also increase your utility bill. Similarly, buying an aircon with more cooling capacity than required will make you feel very uncomfortable with too much cold. So when it comes to deciding on buying an aircon for a space, it is crucial to consider the size of your room. We have made it simpler for you.

Size of the Room (sq. ft)Aircon Cooling Capacity (ton)Up to 100 0.8 Up to 150 1 Up to 2501.5Up to 4002

Aircon Size 

The next crucial factor to keep in mind while buying an aircon is the size of the aircon. As we have discussed already, the window aircon is comparatively larger, hence you should consider installing a smaller aircon in smaller rooms. Consider installing a big aircon in larger rooms as it won’t give the room a sophisticated look. However, if you install a big aircon in a smaller room, both the space and look of the room will get affected after installation. The heat inside a room increases when it has more windows.

On top of this, other factors affect the heat such as the number of people who will be present in the room, walls facing the sun, other electrical appliances in the room, etc. Make sure that you think about all of these in detail before deciding on the type of aircon you prefer to buy. 

Power Consumption

It is well-known to us that air conditioners use more power, hence consider it strictly before you buy an aircon or you’ll regret your choice later. The National Environment Agency (NEA) updates the green tick ratings of air conditioners, refrigerators, and clothes dryers depending on their quality and performance. The types of air conditioners with higher tick ranking consume only less power. Sendhelper with enough and more experience of servicing and installing aircons will suggest you go for a model with a high tick rating. 

To know more about the ticks on energy appliances and what they mean, read this article


The condenser and its coils mostly decide the expected capacity and working life of an aircon. Two types of condensers are used in aircon mainly- copper condenser and aluminium condenser. One thing you should keep in mind is that air conditioners require extra care and timely service as they are technically made. 

Copper condensers are expensive when compared to aluminium condensers. However, the maintenance service of aluminium condensers will cost you more and their expected working life is short. We suggest you go for copper condensers because of the reasons stated above. 

Aircon Brand 

We understand that you won’t feel confident enough to buy an aircon if you haven’t taken note of the aircon brands available in Singapore. Always buy your aircon from a highly-trusted brand to feel a sense of safety regarding its quality. Highly-credible aircon brands will offer good warranty and service if something goes wrong. You can seek reviews from your friends who have been using aircon at their homes, about various brands and models they have used for a while. 

Here are some of the top aircon brands in Singapore. Learn more.

Dehumidification Unit 

Check with the dealer about the quality of the dehumidification unit installed in an aircon. An aircon should come with a good dehumidification unit as it helps in reducing the humidity of the room well. Aircons that have a good humidification unit will keep up the overall efficiency of the unit, thereby reducing service costs. You should also check the filters installed in the aircon- whether they are of good quality to ensure that they increase the efficiency of the aircon. 

Noise Level

This is another important aspect you should consider while buying an aircon. There are aircon models that make so much noise while working, which is above 50-60 DB. Always go for an aircon that has a noise level of less than 50 DB. Make sure that you ask the aircon provider about its noise as you wouldn’t want the appliance to disturb your work and sleep. It also affects the hearing capability of people who prefer to work in an air-conditioned room 24*7. There is also a chance for the noise to increase after using it for a while and will cost you more money in future to fix it. 

Air Conditioner Rating

The green tick rating on the air conditioner speaks about its quality. They are given depending on many factors. One major factor among all of those is energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency Rating gives us an idea about how much energy the aircon would use while working. We’d suggest you go for a model with three or more green ticks given by NEA.

Service Warranty

What we know from experience is that a customer will never buy something again from a brand if they get disappointed just after or later with the purchase. Always keep this in mind and buy aircon from a brand that offers value to us through their service. We can say a lot about a brand through their after-sales services. 

Your aircon can stop working at any time regardless of which brand it is. A long warranty period is great, but ensure that they are good with the after-sale services as well. Alternatively, you can install the Sendhelper app, one of the best aircon servicing providers in Singapore for aircon service.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to book air conditioning service in the Sendhelper app. 

Maintenance Needs and Costs 

The maintenance needs of an air conditioner depends on the installation. Even air conditioners with high ratings can result in more maintenance costs if they are not installed the right way.

It is important to talk to the dealer regarding the frequency of aircon servicing to ensure the best performance. Don’t think about postponing the maintenance as it will result in poor cooling and increased monthly utility bills. It can also affect the condition of other parts of the aircon, in turn, causing you more expenditure.

Find out how often you should service your aircons?

Advanced Features 

Air conditioners these days are no longer about cooling rooms alone. With advancements in technology, the models and features have advanced as well. Advanced technology air conditioners come with features like automatic temperature adjustments, Wi-Fi facility, auto-restart, control from outdoors, and more.

Focusing on the basic features of an aircon should be fine if you don’t want to splurge on it. However, you can consider checking out aircon models with advanced features if you want them while buying one. 

Cooling Efficiency 

Cooling efficiency and speed are the next two crucial aspects to look into while buying an aircon for your home. Aircons come with a thermostat installed in them to measure the room temperature and give the signal to its condenser. For instance, consider you set the temperature as 16 when the temperature of your room is 30. When you do this, the thermostat will signal the condenser until the room temperature drops to 16, and it will cut the signal upon reaching the specified temperature. 

It will take less time to drop the temperature if you have a programmable thermostat and a good condenser in your aircon. Air conditioners that have a poor-quality condenser and thermostat will use more power and time for this process, thereby increasing the load and reducing the efficiency of the aircon. 

Aircon Design 

The cooling of a room is the first thing someone feels when they enter a room. And that can lead their eyes towards the aircon. Don’t you think it would be a good idea for you to buy and install an aircon that will make your room more beautiful? A sleek design will catch everyone’s attention and they might even be keener to know more about your choice. You can choose to go for a decorative colour or design that compliments the colour and setting of your room.

Keep all these points in mind for aircon installation in Singapore before and after approaching a dealer.

Final Word on Aircon Services in Singapore

Aircons are pricey to manage, so buying one is a big decision for many households. But if you have checked all the points we have mentioned to help your choice, and if you make sure that they are taken care of, you wouldn’t regret your choice later.

The most common mistake while buying an aircon is going for the first or only suggestion of the dealer. Make sure to avoid this mistake because you already have good knowledge about what to consider while buying an air conditioner for your home in Singapore. Thank us later, when you meet our professionals if you ever have an air conditioner servicing requirement to be resolved at your home. We offer air conditioning services starting from $16 per unit and other aircon-related services like installation, chemical servicing, and contract maintenance.

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