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Top 3 Aircon Brands in Singapore

Carousel-Display-Images-754x340-MGZGE In our previous blog, we shared with you tips to save the electricity cost on air conditioners. While proper maintenance help you keep check of energy consumption and reduce electricity bills, it is important to invest in an energy efficient and high performing air conditioner in the first place. A mediocre equipment will blow away your money and your efforts to save on utility bills will be in vain no matter what.   There are plenty of air conditioner brands in Singapore and you are obviously spoilt for choices. If you are moving to a new BTO flat, buying air conditioners is one of your major investment decisions.   To help you with the decision-making process, we have shortlisted top 3 air conditioner brands in Singapore for your consideration.  
  1. Daikin
daikin horiz   The history of Daikin air conditioners is intertwined with that of Singapore’s residential set up. Since 1968, Daikin’s cutting-edge technologies have provided comfort to residential and commercial spaces alike. They were the first to introduce multi-split air conditioners to HDB home owners. For eco-friendly and most energy efficient product, we recommend their inverter air conditioners.
  1. Panasonic
Panasonic-Logo   Panasonic’s inverter air conditioner claims to reduce electricity consumption by 50% compared to non- inverters. They are a popular choice for it’s low-cost, high energy efficient and low maintenance features packaged together. It’s nanoe-G technology removes air borne particles and deactivates adhesive micro-organisms ensuring a safe environment. Their ECONAVI technology can detect human movement, location, absence and presence of sunlight, and adjust cooling temperature to save power.  
  1. Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi_Electric_logo   Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners are equally popular among Singaporeans. They have a vast product line of energy efficient and top rated units you would love to take home. Consider their ductless air conditioner that comes with 10 year warranty period. You get to enjoy free aircon repair until the end of the warranty period. Renotalk Singapore also recommends consumer favourite Catchetin Plus air filters that help remove air pollutants.     #sendhelper #aircon #generalservicing #maintenance #topbrands

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