Laundry Tips: Surprising Things You Can Clean In a Washing Machine

May 19, 2021
Laundry Tips

You are going to thank us for sharing these laundry tips with you. So read on.

Household items getting nasty is quite common, so is throwing them out as people are unaware that most of those can be washed safely inside the machine. A washing machine is one of the most active appliances of our homes - it can clean numerous items we use daily such as pillows, car mats, toys, and many more. The only thing one should do is to check the items separately for washing instructions and avoid putting them inside the machine if they’re labelled "hand wash-only". If you wish to learn how to hand wash clothes, here’s a few laundry tips to hand-wash delicate clothes.

Here are a few things you wouldn't be thinking of washing inside a machine just because no one told you that you can do it without damaging the stuff.

Laundry Tips: Know What You Can Clean in a Washing Machine

Mop Heads 

A mop is one of the most used household items in a house. It is used for cleaning the floor, but what happens when the mop head becomes dirty after each cleaning session? Cleaning mops is no longer a tiring process as you can wash them inside a washing machine. Keep in mind that only cloth mop heads can be washed inside a machine and not the ones that are made of sponge. Take the mop head and toss it in the washing machine along with a little bleach. You can then squeeze the water out of the mop heads and hang it somewhere to dry once the cycle is done. 

Backpacks and Gym Bags 

Looking for easy laundry tips to clean bags? You can place your gym bags as well as backpacks inside a mesh bag before keeping them inside the washing machine. Flipping the bag inside out is also a good idea if you do not have a mesh bag. Do not forget to unzip and open the pockets of the bags before keeping them inside the machine. You can then hang them somewhere to dry completely.

Pet Beds 

Keep away the worry of washing dog and cat beds that stink quickly. They can be washed safely inside the washing machine. See if the cover of your pet bed is removable - if it is removable, the job gets easier. Many experts say that pet beds should be washed at a high temperature to kill germs on them. Always use a natural detergent if your cat or dog has sensitive skin, and make sure that you give the pet bed an extra rinse to get rid of the soapy smell. 


A pillow is something that gets dirty quickly even if you wear a pillow cover over it. Therefore, washing pillows at least twice a year is recommended. Many of us would be washing pillows using the hand as we are not quite sure about putting them in a machine. You can remove the pillows separately after removing the covers. Most of the foam-filled and synthetic pillows can handle the gentle cycle of a washing machine; just make sure to give them the shortest time. 

Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags

With waste management growing as a serious issue day by day, many of us would mostly be preferring to carry a reusable bag while we go shopping. Most shops also ask people to bring their bags to post the pandemic hitting us to avoid physical contact to the maximum. Reusing bags are great, but groceries can spill anytime leaving residues on them. You can toss the bags made of canvas and nylon into the machine and run them through the dryer when the cycle is done. 

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

These static-filled clothes used for cleaning surfaces can be washed easily in machines by placing them inside pillowcases and laundry bags. You can run through the wash by adding a little detergent and place the pillowcase/bag directly into the dryer without any dryer sheet. This helps in maintaining the static charge, which is the reason behind its cleaning power. 

Patio Furniture Cushions

Wash your patio furniture cushions in the washing machine unless the tag on them warns you not to do so. Wash them if they fit inside the machine and can have an easy spin. 

Shower Curtains and Liners

Many of us would have gotten rid of our shower curtains countless times because of the scum that develops on them, just because no one told us that they can be washed safely in a washer. You can put the dingy curtains through a warm wash cycle by adding baking soda, laundry detergent, or white distilled vinegar. But, do not ever add all three of them together!
In addition, here are a few things everyone should keep in mind while cleaning curtains in your living and bedrooms.


Soaking up the drips after we come out of the shower can result in the build-up of mould and bacteria. Plastic and rubber-backed mats can be put into the machine to run them through a wash cycle on the cold setting with the addition of a little detergent. Also, make sure that the mats are devoid of cracks or peelings to avoid further damage. This type of washing is also recommended for microfibre mats, but make sure to also cross-check the instructions given for wash and care on the tags. 

Stuffed Toys

Dingy stuffed animal toys are easy to clean with a quick spin in the washing machine. Remove the loose clothing items attached. Keep them in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase before running through a gentle cycle. You can use a regular detergent for this. Keep in mind to wash the toys with your hands if they are stuffed with small buttons, beads, or balls. 

Baseball Caps

You can wash almost all models of modern baseball caps in a washing machine safely. Most of them come with brims that have plastic cores. You can easily wash these caps using cold water on a gentle cycle, and keep it for air dry. However, vintage baseball caps are exceptions as they come with cardboard brims, so keep them away from machine washing. 

Headbands and Hair Ties 

Hair accessories that change their colour due to build-up from hair products and oils can easily be washed in a machine. Keep them in a small mesh bag or pillowcase while doing the laundry. 

Sneakers and Canvas Shoes

Always make sure that you remove the laces of the shoes before zipping them inside a mesh bag along with two or three bath towels. This will avoid too much banging of the shoes during the cycle. You can then completely air-dry the shoes after washing them in a machine. 

Pet Collars and Leashes 

Always pay attention to your pet’s accessories getting dirty on the go. The accessories that are commonly worn include harness, collars, and leashes. You can put them in a laundry bag before putting them into the machine to avoid tangling. Do not forget to add this to your list of laundry tips.

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