Laundry Practice: Tips to Hand-wash Delicate Clothes

June 10, 2020
Laundry Practice: Tips to hand-wash delicate clothes

Covid-19 pandemic has not only forced us to stay at home but also limited the availability of several conveniences we used to enjoy before. Whilst home cleaning, cooking and similar services were excluded from functioning, laundry services were deemed essential even during the circuit breaker period as part of strict measures imposed by the Singapore government to stop the spread of virus.

We know it is best to keep distance from others and stay indoors for the greater good of our community. Here we share some tips to hand-wash your clothes at home instead of walking down the street to your nearest laundromat exposing yourself to the risk of contracting the virus.

Washing by hand is recommended as a good laundry practice for delicate clothes like lingerie, undergarments, sweaters, silk and lace material etc. Follow the steps below for an effective and clean hand washing cycle:

Pre-Wash Stage:

  • Treat your stained clothes with stain removers before washing
  • Clean and sanitise the sink in which you are going to wash the clothes. Make sure the sink is big enough to move around the load of clothes
  • Fill the sink with water at a temperature recommended for the clothes you want to wash. Read the labels on the fabric for more instructions
  • Mix the water with a regular detergent. Experts recommend 1 teaspoon of detergent liquid or powder for every three average sized adult clothing items

Wash Stage:

  • Wash clothes of the same colour and fabric type together. Avoid mixing them for better washing experience
  • Add the garments into the sink filled with water. Ensure the water level is just right so it will not flow over the sink when you add clothes into it
  • Submerge the clothes well in the detergent solution by pressing them gently, and soak for 30 minutes. Never soak delicate fabric like silk for longer than 30 minutes
  • After 30 minutes, drain the detergent solution and wipe it clean
  • Add fresh water and gently agitate the clothes with your hands to remove leftover detergent. Repeat it until the clothes are fully rinsed
  • Do not twist or wring the items since it will damage the fabric

Post-Wash Stage:

  • Take the clothes out of the sink and transfer to a clean container or keep it aside. Press the garments one by one against the sink to remove excess water without wringing
  • Allow the clothes to air dry on a dry rack or hang them on clothes line to sun dry outside the apartment. Drying clothes out in the sun kills bacteria and other germs

Laundry Practice: Online Laundry Service in Singapore

Hand-washing clothes is a great alternative to going to your nearest laundromat. However, it is not the only way to wash your clothes. Singapore’s premier laundry app, Sendhelper provides online laundry services at your doorstep. We offer free pick-up and delivery islandwide and our service providers follow disinfection and hygiene practices to ensure overall safety. You can also practise safe distancing by mentioning in the app your preferred pick-up and delivery point without coming in direct contact with the person.

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