Bathroom Pest Control: Expert Ways to Make Your Bathrooms Pest-Free in 2023 Christmas Season

December 19, 2023

The bathrooms of your home can be one of the most pest-infested rooms while the other high-risk areas could be the bedrooms and kitchens. It doesn’t matter whether the pests you find are flies, spiders, cockroaches, or silverfish, you will have to remove them when you find one of these. It is also possible that many people haven’t noticed whether there are pests in their bathroom since they do not spend time in there mindfully or because it is a place they spend very little time in. So, bathroom pest control is never considered a priority by most people.

However, this won’t be the case when you invite friends and family over for this Christmas season. You must make your bathrooms clean and safe for guests, so go on an inspection in the bathrooms to see whether there are bugs you will have to deal with in a while. Here are certain things you need to know and our detailed guide that can be of help while you spot bathroom bugs.

Where Do Bathroom Bugs Mostly Come From?

One of the easiest ways from where bugs enter our bathrooms is the drains. It is very true in the case of cockroaches and their presence will then spread bacteria and dirt from the drains. There are also other pests like drain flies that might use the drain to reproduce. There is one good news- spiders cannot enter your bathrooms through the drains.

Common Bugs We Can See in Our Bathrooms

Finding the usual suspects is the most important step in bathroom pest control measures.

  • Cockroaches

Cockroaches love to live in areas where there is lots of food and moisture. The most common places where you can see cockroach infestation are the bathroom and kitchen. Therefore coming across cockroaches in your bathrooms is common. Fixing leaky faucets is one of the easiest ways to deal with wetness and humidity in bathrooms. Humid places are perfect rooms for cockroaches to breed since they offer all the water they would need. Drains can serve as an entrance to the bathroom and the rest of the house too. 

It is important that you never leave the bathroom drain open. You should also make sure to check the nooks and crannies just like any other area because pests can hide in all these places. 

  • Centipedes

Just like many pests, centipedes also love to be in areas with a lot of moisture. Centipedes usually find their way to moist areas like bathrooms once they enter your homes. Centipedes will live and reproduce in a domestic environment with less light and more moisture. 

A centipede is a nocturnal myriapod and it has many legs, which is one of the most distinguishable features of the pest. It is normally hard to spot them since they are little creatures. Though centipedes sting, their poison is not harmful to us like the poison of certain pests.

  • Spiders

Spiders are the last species of pests who want to be inside your bathroom. They end up in bathrooms accidentally mostly and would prefer to escape your restrooms because they do not need moisture, unlike other pests. Their way to live is through hunting insects and other small pests. So be at ease as they don’t come out of bathroom drains. 

  • Drain flies

Just like the name says, they are quite real. Drain flies live in drains; they breed there as well. They don’t bother about the filth and bacteria in drains; they love it! You can also see them in contaminated soil. In short, you can see them everywhere which is pretty much harmful to humans. 

You should not confuse them with fruit flies as they can also be found in bathrooms. Drain flies have dark-coloured furry bodies whereas fruit flies have light-coloured bodies.

  • Silverfish

Paper and humidity are two things silverfish love. Hence you can easily find them in bathrooms because it is a place that offers both in ample amounts. You can find them in your rooms too at any time. However, they are easily recognisable, but finding them is again a task because of their small size. They can move very quickly so catching or killing them can be quite difficult.

Just like cockroaches, silverfish also love to breed in humid, dark and hard-to-reach areas. If you see a silverfish in your bathroom often or if there is paper damage in your home, chances are your home is infested with silverfish.

To summarise all of the common pests found in the bathroom,

Cockroaches These pests thrive in moist areas with abundant food. Combat them by fixing leaks and sealing drains.
Centipedes Preferring moist environments, centipedes are often found in bathrooms due to humidity. They are harmless to humans.
Spiders Spiders are accidental visitors in bathrooms. They aren't attracted to moisture but rather hunt other pests.
Drain Flies These pests breed in drains and contaminated areas. It's important not to confuse them with fruit flies.
Silverfish Loving paper and humidity, silverfish infest bathrooms and dark areas. They are hard to catch and can cause paper damage.

Bathroom Pest Control Measures: How to Remove Bathroom Bugs at Home?

It doesn’t matter what type of pest you have seen in your bathroom and how much you would not want to deal with, you still need to. If you are scared of dealing with bathroom bugs at your home in Singapore, get in touch with the best home service provider in Singapore, the Sendhelper for pest control. But if you want to deal with them on your own, don’t worry. We are here to share some simple ways to remove bathroom bugs and make the chances of having to deal with them slim. 

  • Check for leaks in your bathrooms

Leaks could be one of the major reasons why you see pest infestation in your home. Leaks serve as easy access to water for every type of pest starting from centipedes to cockroaches. Therefore, it is important to fix leaks you see in your bathrooms as soon as possible before they leave room for infestations. You can book the service of a plumber from the Sendhelper to resolve leaks in bathrooms because professional service will always make it easy for you.

  • Remove the messy substance from the drain

All bathrooms have to deal with so much residue that comes after your bathing. It could be filth, soap residues, hair and more, but there is always harmful stuff that gets collected at the drain. And there is no doubt that pests will feel attracted to this dirt.

The other such areas to which pests will get attracted include the sink and shower. The only solution is to keep your bathroom clean all the time and to remove the soap scum and other dirt regularly. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to deep clean bathrooms at home. Odour also attracts pests, so here is our guide on how to keep bathrooms at your home odourless. 

It is important to know that you would be collecting the eggs of pests along with the dirt. It doesn’t matter whether you use homemade cleaners or chemical products to clean, you will have to remove it all to ensure that there is no room for breeding there. 

  • Place a dehumidifier in all bathrooms

We can’t stop stressing the importance of keeping your bathrooms less humid as much as possible. Humidity attracts pests to bathrooms and hence you can consider placing dehumidifiers strategically in your bathrooms. Dehumidifiers help reduce the humidity in your bathrooms to a great extent, thereby making them less hospitable for bathroom bugs.

Also, try to leave your bathroom to dry naturally as much as possible for the moisture to go away. Trapping moisture also brings in a smell; so either keep the bathroom windows open or turn the exhaust fan on after a bath. Doing this will help you to prevent pest infestation even if you do not see it in your bathroom now.

  • Cover all the entry points of your bathrooms

We already told you that the crevices and drains are the most common entry points of bathroom bugs, so keep them closed. Keep the drain open only when you shower or clean the bathrooms. Make sure the crevices and drain stay covered all the time, especially at night, which is when most bugs crawl into our homes. Inspect for cracks and fix them as soon as possible to keep them from breeding.

When to Seek Help from a Professional for Bathroom Pest Control?

If you see that there is a large infestation, then you probably can consider getting the service of professionals. Large infestations would require the use of chemicals and professionals will be more equipped and trained to do it safely.

Sendhelper provides pest control service for households in Singapore for festive season. All you should do is download our app or visit the website and book our service to make your home free of pests.

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