Christmas Fashion: Expert Ways to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe for Christmas Day in 2023

December 23, 2023

Christmas is the time when we give a lot of thought to how to jazz up our looks, especially when we were living our lives in sweats all year ever since the pandemic. The festive season gives us a chance to spruce up our wardrobe and be more confident than ever before while enjoying it with family and friends. Deciding what to wear in advance will save most of your time and confusion. The only thing you will have to keep in mind is that your Christmas fashion outfit should not interfere when you engage with the activities on Christmas day.

Let's break down basic items you should have to begin your styling options.

Quilted Jacket Opt for a simple quilted jacket in neutral colors.
Basic Leggings Go for plain, non-patterned leggings, like black ones.
A-Line Skirt Pick a neutral-colored A-line skirt for versatility.
Ankle Boots Opt for basic ankle boots in black or brown.
Crewneck Sweater Choose a neutral crewneck sweater for a classic look.

Here are a few options you should consider having in your wardrobe to spruce up your Christmas fashion game.

Faux Fur Outfits

Faux fur outfits are always on-trend during the winter. Outfits made of faux fur are cheaper than those made of real animal fur, but it gives the same elegance. Accessorising with faux fur outfits can be a fun thing to do as well, especially for a day like Christmas. Choosing a pair of fluffy slippers to style with the outfit will make it a stunning ensemble.

Classy Black Outfits

Black is always in style for all seasons, and the right accessories can make black outfits a great choice for the Christmas season. A black outfit can help you if you plan to go bold with metallic accessories. It also gives you the chance to pop all your favourite colours into your look as accessories to give out the joyous Christmas vibes to family and friends.

Plaid and Tartan Outfits

Plaid tops and tartan accessories are a good combination for everyone who likes to choose from different colours. While many around us go for red and green, why don’t you try something different with patterns? You can even layer it up if you feel like toning down the look. Plaid accessories such as a belt or shoes can make your look even more stylish and give everyone the ‘Christmassy’ feel when they see you. Tartan caps are also good picks for styling with your outfit, while they also keep you warm during the winter.

Metal-coloured Outfits

Why don’t you get some gold, silver, or rose outfits for the Christmas season when they aren’t a choice for everyday parties? Pick a balanced outfit that is comfortable for you and look great when you use accessories to spruce your look though you wouldn’t need to accessorise too much since the outfit itself looks elegant. Neutral coloured tops are great picks to pair with metallic-coloured bottom wear such as skirts or pants. If you don’t prefer the all-metallic look for Christmas, you can always accessorise with some metallic accessories with your choice of outfit.

Red and Green

The red and green combo is always an option for all those who’d like to go traditional with their Christmas fashion during the festive season. You can choose outfits of either of these colours that choose your complexion. If wearing a red and green dress feels too cheesy to you, you can avoid that and wear pops of both colours.

Cashmere Sets

A matching cashmere set is a good pick if you like comfortable wearing more for celebrations. It would also be an investment piece which you can wear for several years. It is also a good pick for people who like to wear simple clothes after Christmas celebrations and meals, or for the end of the day. There are also other kinds of soft materials you can choose from if you are not a big fan of cashmere sets.

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