A Guide to Moving Out from a Place for the First Time

January 30, 2024

Moving out from a place for the first time is one of the major transitions in our lives. It is an emotional roller coaster that invites both joy and anxiety together. But do not worry! We have come up with a detailed guide to ease the stress and to make it easy for you to solve the confusion of moving out for the first time. 

Tips for Your First Move

Figure Out the Finances for Moving Out in Advance 

The first thing you need to calculate when it comes to the finances involved to shift to a new place and live there from that time is how much you can afford to pay as rent every month. Having a clear idea about your budget will help you decide easily on the kind of apartments you should be looking for. Cut down all the other necessary monthly expenses from your monthly income after taxes to calculate your maximum rent allowance. 

You may not have to spend almost all the money left on the rent. A little negotiation is always necessary to decide on a reasonable rent limit so that you can stick to it easily. Try taking a couple of months to analyse your spending habits. It will help you get an idea of how much of your monthly income you should save for buying non-essential items. 

Start Saving in Advance to Meet the Moving Expenses

Considering the matter of moving expenses is very important since there will in any way be some costs associated with moving out even if you cut back on as much as possible. Therefore, you can start to save money to cover the additional moving expenses, security deposit and first month’s rent for your new apartment. Saving money before a few months helps to ease the anxiety of having to raise money all of a sudden. It can also mentally prepare you for the move and help you cut down on unnecessary expenses mindfully.

Finding a Good Space to Live 

Apartment hunting is a serious task to start doing months before you are planning to shift from your place. It will help you to check out places and select the best from the options available to you. Starting to check out places in advance will also save you from having to choose the first or only options available to you. A reliable property agent in Singapore will help you find an ideal location that meets your preferences and budget requirements. Here are a few factors you should keep in mind while looking for a new apartment.

Budget Set a realistic budget covering rent, utilities, and additional costs like deposits and moving expenses.
Location Consider proximity to work, schools, public transportation, and amenities. Choose a safe and convenient neighborhood.
Amenities and Features Prioritize must-haves like bedrooms, parking, laundry, and pet policies to narrow down options.
Lease Terms Carefully review the lease agreement, focusing on duration, rent increases, maintenance responsibilities, and penalties for breaking the lease.
Visit the Property Schedule a visit to assess the apartment's condition, neighborhood atmosphere, and talk to current residents for insights.

Checking the Space Thoroughly 

The next important thing to do is to check the apartment you have chosen in detail. Check everything out at that place. Make a record of the damages you see at the place left by the previous tenants. Save this as proof to get your security deposit back when you move out after the tenancy. Most apartments and landlords would have a checklist to record the conditions of your new space during your arrival. Complete the list and sign it with the landlord to make it official. You need to ask the landlord if they had done an end-of-tenancy cleaning after the last tenant left the place.

Furnishing Your Apartment 

The most frustrating part of moving out from a place is to shift the heavy furniture along with us. You can purchase new furniture for your new apartment apart from taking the big furniture with you if you are shifting to a faraway place. You can sell the ones you have with you and buy new ones so that you can save the worry of having to carry them along. Make sure that you are saving some money to buy some new stuff. You can get in touch with packing and moving companies who will do the job for you if you are particular about moving the furniture you already have to the new space. 

Moving supply companies are readily available in Singapore. They will also have protective items to protect your furniture while moving for people who need them. Invest in some wardrobe boxes to carry your clothes so that you can quickly transfer them into new closets without wrinkles. 

Buying New Furniture 

You might need some furniture if you aren't going to take all the old ones to your new apartment. Buying brand new ones might not be the best option for most of us. Therefore, you can choose to buy second-hand furniture and give it life with DIY. Buying furniture on a budget is easier when you keep an open mind while looking at deals. Many pieces of furniture will keep you comfortable even though they might not appeal to the design sensibilities. 

Buying furniture online is also a better option as you will be able to look at what you need exactly at the price you prefer. They will also deliver the furniture to your apartment; hence you can save a lot of trouble. 

Updating Your Address 

Updating the address is something you might probably miss doing after moving out from a place for the first time. You will have to notify many parties once you’ve signed the lease on your new apartment to make sure that they reach you after you move out. Notify the subscription services, post office, workplace, and bank about the address change. 

Turning On the Utilities 

Utilities such as water, gas, electricity, sewer, trash service, etc. are essential in our everyday lives. Therefore, they should already be ready when you arrive. You will have to get them transferred to your name to start paying for them. Ask the landlord regarding the information of these companies so you can set it all up without trouble.

You will have to turn on the utilities at the new apartment if they aren’t already to avoid delay. Call a company that takes care of such services in your area after deciding the date for moving out. Set up a time for them to come and set the things up for you. 

Cleaning Services for Moving Out from a Place in Singapore 

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