End of Tenancy Cleaning: What Landlords Need to Know Before a New Tenant Moves In

September 10, 2021
Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

Responsible landlords will ensure that their properties are cleaned and arranged well before handing the keys over to the next tenant as part of an end of tenancy cleaning best practices. Running over the space with just a vacuum cleaner and damp clothes is not always enough when it comes to move-in cleaning. Making the house clean is a must thing to do as there are chances that your tenants do the bare minimum. It will be too late for you to fix things and do the cleaning by the time your next tenant finds out about the ruptures and damages.

This apartment handover checklist will help you do a thorough end-of-tenancy cleaning. You can also keep a copy of this and give it to your new tenant as part of their welcome pack. 

Doing a detailed inspection is necessary when your tenant moves out to get an idea about what needs doing before the next tenant moves in. You can also give the checklist to a professional service provider like the Sendhelper for cleaning. 

Here are two important things that need to be discussed to make the job easier before starting with the checklist. Here’s what they are:

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for Landlords

Leave Time to Clean Between Each Tenancy

Leaving enough time for cleaning between tenancies is crucial as you will always take longer than expected. Remind your tenants to allow enough time to clean at the end of their tenancy much earlier as they will be busy packing their stuff. It can make them push cleaning to the bottom of their to-do list. Leaving the cleaning part to do on the final day will make you miss many essential deep-cleaning tasks, and it will force you to deduct money from your tenant's deposit. This is the main reason why most people hire a professional cleaning service provider to do the end-of-tenancy cleaning at their space. It helps each party to ensure that the job gets done perfectly.

Stay Organised While Cleaning the Property

Choosing to clean one room at a time is the best way to do the tasks to avoid missing them inadvertently. You can start with bedrooms and then move to bathrooms to work your way down the house. Make sure that you clean a room from top to bottom each time you empty it. You can choose to finish the cleaning in the room close to the exit door as it will make it easy for you to quickly mop the floor. You can take photos of each room after cleaning and arranging to have a pictorial record. It will help you remind new tenants about how the room should look when the tenancy ends. It is useful especially for the garden as it can get out of control soon if a tenant does not take care of it.

Now let’s move on to the checklist you will have to take care of as a tenant.

Checklist for Cleaning Before a New Tenant Moves In

Cleaning the Bedrooms and Living Rooms

The best thing is to clean bedrooms first since they would mostly be the first rooms to be emptied. Use a damp cloth to dust rooms as using dry clothes to dust the rooms can move the dust from one location to another. Start to clean from the ceiling and work your way down, wipe down the surfaces to get rid of dust and grime from doors, skirting boards, and windowsills. Also, make sure that you clean the top of doors, dado rails, picture rails, light switches, and sockets. Do not forget to wipe the curtain rails and to clean the carpets. Vacuum the mattresses, and wipe down the surface of furniture. Also, make sure to clean the interior of wardrobes and drawers.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen takes the longest time since there would be several surfaces to mop and clean. Get prepared to spend at least 25% of the allotted time cleaning your kitchen. You can start by removing cobwebs from kitchen ceilings, rails, and blinds and then move on to wipe the dirt and debris from the surfaces. Empty the cupboards, drawers, and shelving units. You can consider a specialist add-on deep cleaning service of Sendhelper to clean the refrigerator and oven if they are not in good condition for the next tenant, or you can clean the inside and outside of such appliances if they are working well.

Cleaning Bathrooms

You would need extra elbow grease in bathrooms as they must look hygienic and clean to your new tenants. Clean the sink, shower, and bath including the fittings on the shower and taps. Also, remove the dirt, scum and hard water stains. Scrub the tiles and grout after you clean other bathroom accessories like soap dispensers and brush holders. 

Polish the surface of mirrors and glass surfaces and wipe down visible pipework, radiator, towel rail, extractor fan, and shaver socket. You can wind up the cleaning by vacuuming and mopping the floor.

Cleaning Outside the Landed Property

Cleaning the outside area of a landed property is as important as cleaning the inside. Get rid of the rubbish items from the sheds and outbuildings, and clear the pathways by making them free from weeds, moss, and oil stains. Cut and beautify the loan and clean the borders.

Make sure that the lights outside and to the property are in good condition - replace if not. Fix the damaged gates and fences if they are damaged or have wear and tear. Keep the dustbins and recycling bins in the correct places.

Cleaning a Property when Tenants were Pet Owners and Smokers

If you had given your property to tenants who had pets or to tenants who smoke regularly, it would take longer than usual for you to clean the space. You will have to invest extra time to clean the yellow nicotine stains that would probably be on the walls and surfaces. Similarly, you will have to deep-clean the house to get rid of the pet hair. Sendhelper professional service providers will take care of thorough cleaning of your home.

Compare the Condition of the Space During Checkout

Compare how the house looks by using the pictures you took before the tenant checked into your place. You could think of reducing an appropriate sum from your tenant's deposit if any tasks from the checklist are missing. Complete all the pending tasks before the next tenant moves in.

Making a cleaning checklist and doing the tasks by following it makes it much easier, and helps you to not miss out on any task. You can also hire Sendhelper for end-of-tenancy cleaning.

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