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What is the normal job scope of laundry service?

August 28, 2023

Sendhelper offers a comprehensive range of laundry services in Singapore, including dry cleaning, curtain cleaning, and ironing service. Our team of trained professionals ensures top-notch care for your garments, curtains, and fabrics, delivering impeccable results.


  • Arrive at customer’s chosen location for pick-up
  • Count the number of clothes
  • Uninstall, remove and weigh curtains
  • Sort clothes and curtains in carry bags
  • Tag each bag for reference
  • Transport items to partner’s laundry facility


  • Wash/Dry clean clothes/curtains at partner’s laundry facility


  • Arrive at customer’s chosen location for delivery
  • Deliver clean clothes and curtains packed in bags
  • Install curtains back
  • Cross check for missing items if any

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