5 Most Popular Types of Home Flooring

April 28, 2021
5 Most Popular Types of Home Flooring

A new floor is mostly a part of every big home refurbishment plan. However, picking the right kind of home flooring from the numerous options available out there can sometimes be challenging. This article helps you to get a better idea of various types of flooring so that you can understand the benefits and potential problems of each in a better way. 

Types of Home Flooring

Carpet Flooring 

Modern carpets are regarded as good choices for flooring as most of them come with high durability. They are also comfortable to use and easy to clean. There are a few things you will have to consider while choosing the best fit of carpet for your home, like the density of fibre used for making the carpet, the foot traffic, and stain resistance. Always choose higher grade and denser carpet for high traffic rooms for it to stand the wear and tear over time. For higher stain resistance, you will have to choose carpets made using synthetic fibres or nylon. One of the greatest advantages of choosing carpet to do flooring, other than the wide availability of colours and materials in the market for it, is affordability. 

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood or parquet flooring is mostly chosen by those who prefer a warm and natural look for the floors of their homes. This is a tough choice as far as maintenance is concerned, but it can be refinished and sanded if damaged. They also can last for many years without any damage by polishing properly. The cost for using hardwood can be a bit high as it demands subfloor and periodic refinishing. Several materials and stain choices are available in the market too. White oak is best known for its durability and capacity to accept the stain well. The most common choices for stains to use on oak are grey, dark, white-wash, and honey. Dark wooden floors give a rich and beautiful look to homes while light floors can help to brighten up indoor spaces.

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Another good option for homes is engineered hardwood, which is less expensive than hardwood. It can be installed easily and it doesn’t require a subfloor. 

Tile Flooring 

This is the type of flooring that is used in most homes for thousands of years mainly because of the durability and versatility it offers. The methods of manufacturing tiles have changed by now, but the most modern type of tiles are still made from stone and ceramic. Tile flooring offers an exceptional kind of versatility that helps it look similar to wood and stone. The installation process for tiles is a bit challenging, but worth it because of its high durability. Cleaning also becomes a lot easier on tiled floors.

Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring is a highly tough and multi-layered flooring option for people on smaller budgets. It comes in an easy-to-install form. It is cheap and can easily be installed on already-existing floors. New types of laminates are available in the market with different finishes and it ranges from light stone appearance to dark rich wood. It also has the advantage of being easy to clean, which is why it is quite a popular choice for families with babies and pets. The disadvantage of laminate flooring is that it is susceptible to moisture; it also can’t be refinished. 

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is more resilient as it is a flexible material that gives a softer feeling when compared to wood and tiles. The material vinyl is made out of a layer of PVC plastic over one layer of felt. Cushioned vinyl is easily available in the market, and it comes with a layer of foam that makes it more comfortable to walk on. Thicker vinyl flooring comes with a textured surface, which makes it look like stone or wood. On the other hand, sheet vinyl can be cut – you can size it and glue it on to your subfloor. Certain types of vinyl tiles are available with peel-and-stick-backing, which makes the adhesion trouble-free. 

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