Top Benefits of Parquet Floor Polishing

November 4, 2020
Benefits of Parquet Floor Polishing

Parquet floors are one of the many beautiful additions one can have at their homes, and this is one of the major reasons for households to prefer them as floorboards. Parquet floors also provide several other advantages to homeowners, but the colour and quality of these floors can eventually fade off with time. To ensure the lasting of lustre and beauty of parquet floors, people consider polishing them. Parquet floor polishing comes with plenty of benefits; let us have a look at them.

Gives an Added Shine to the Floor

Wooden floors are most likely to lose their shine and lustre with time, as mentioned above. For the same reason, polishing parquet floors helps to protect the wood’s quality thereby improving the overall look and feel of the floors.

Adds Protection to Floors

One of the major advantages of polishing parquet floors is that it protects the wood from wear and tear; polishing also prevents having scratches on the wooden surface. Adding polish on the parquet helps to add a protective layer of wax over its surfaces. The added polish acts as a protective barrier when you step on the wooden surface and it, in turn, reduces scratches and other damages.

Saves the Sanding Step

Polishing parquet floors saves the step of doing sanding on it. Sanding gives faded floors a new look while doing floor refinishing. This process can be quite costly as well as time-consuming; it can also do a lot of harm to the floors since it requires a lot of scrubbing for the top layer of the floor.

On the contrary, polished floors have an extra layer of protection which prevents the need for any further sanding or scrubbing.

Great for People with Allergies

For people suffering from asthma and other allergies, polished parquet floors make a great choice when compared to having carpets at their homes. Carpets are a good option for floor covering, however they often become breeding zones for dust mites. This can be a big threat to people who suffer from asthma and other allergies. Polished wooden floors come with no fibres and this makes it hard for the dust to settle on the surface and at the same time dust mites to breed.

Polished wooden floors are easy to clean and maintain. In addition to this, the cleaning of the parquet floors consumes less time when compared to cleaning carpeted floors. The parquet floor is also an affordable flooring option for our homes; it is safe and clean and comes with the advantage of improving the aura of your space.

Stain Resistance

Wood flooring can become stain resistant with the choice of the right kind of materials and treatment. Giving floors a polished finish helps us create a protective barrier as discussed above, and this prevents dirt from reaching the actual surface of the wood. Even though wood is a porous material, polished and sealed wood will not absorb any liquid. This makes the floorboard stain resistant. It is also easier to wipe away the dirt and spills on polished wooden floors.

Preserves Floor’s Quality and Improves its Lifespan

By taking care of the above steps, you are prolonging the life of the floorboard. Taking proper care of parquet floors and maintaining it can help you to enjoy them for many years, without having to worry about your pets or children turning up along the way.

Parquet Floor Polishing by Sendhelper

Parquet floor polishing should be done with care. It is an investment that you make for 5-6 years until it’s time to do refinishing. You need expert hands to complete the task just so you know your parquet floor is not ruined. If you are a tenant, take utmost care of parquet floors and maintain it as it was when the apartment was handed over to you. For move-in or move-out parquet floor polishing and cleaning, Sendhelper handyman services in Singapore provides expert solutions to your home renovation projects at attractive rates.

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