Game-changing Tips to do Laundry Like a Pro

August 19, 2021
Tips to do laundry.

We do laundry every day, or even at least once a week, don’t we? If you don’t, well, you need us more than anyone else! Joking aside, there are many times when the results are less than perfect even if we’ve been doing our laundry at home for years. This is probably because we might not be very aware of the simple and powerful hacks of laundry. But that’s okay - this article can give you a better insight regarding the game-changing tips to do laundry, all of those that help with maintaining the life of your clothes, objects, and machine.

Tips to do Laundry at Home

Find out tips to do laundry at home like a pro.

Select the Right Temperature for Water

Choosing the appropriate temperature for water specifically for each laundry load is the major hack to getting the perfect results. Use cold water to wash delicate and dark-coloured fabrics as well as for items that shrink after washing. Using cold water also saves your money by reducing the overall cost of the utilities. 

Warm water suits best while washing moderately soiled clothes as well as handmade fabrics. Use hot water for washing white cotton fabrics, towels and beddings. It also works well for clothes that have stains from grease and oils. 

Pick the Right Detergent

One common mistake many of us often make is choosing detergents that our parents used; many people also opt for the cheapest. There are better ways to select a detergent that can meet your laundry needs well. 

Powdered detergents are great choices to use on general loads and they are very affordable. But they have a chance of not dissolving properly in cold water and might leave residues on clothes. On the other hand, liquid detergents contain enzymes that are good for pretreating stains effectively. The more enzymes in the detergent, the more is its cleaning power. We also recommend laundry capsules that are convenient to use.

Always Use Fewer Detergents

One of the greatest mistakes while doing laundry is using detergents more than what is needed. Using detergent in high amounts results in the formation of suds that might get trapped inside the clothes staying on them as residues. Try to use one half less than what is recommended on the cover and check if you’re getting good results. This helps in maintaining the quality of your clothes and saving money. 

Act on Stains Quickly

The most effective way to remove stains from clothes is to act on them as fast as possible. Soak or rinse the fabric in cold water and apply some stain remover on the stains before putting them inside the washer. Do not keep the fabric inside the dryer if the stain hasn’t faded - you should rewash it using a stain remover. Also, make sure that you’re using the right technique on the fabric for stain removal. 

Sort the Bleeding Clothes and Wash Them Separately

None of us wants to get surprised by seeing an extra tie-dyed effect on our clothes after washing them together. Make sure that you sort the bleeding clothes and wash them separately to avoid bleeding onto other fabrics. If you are unsure, you can get a piece of cotton and rub it on an inside corner to see if the dye of the fabric transfers to it before you put them together into the washer.

Do Not Give Too Much Stress for the Fabrics

Clothes shrink and stretch for many reasons that vary according to the type of fabric, how you wash, clean and dry them. The best way to avoid shrinking and stretching of fabrics is to avoid giving too much stress and agitation for them. Avoid washing clothes in warm and hot water settings if it is not necessary. Use gentle speeds when you clean your clothes in the washer. Always read washing instructions carefully to get best results.

Handle the Delicates with Utmost Care

We recommend you hand-wash delicate undergarments and bras for them to last longer and hold their shapes. You can hand wash them in a sink by using cold water. Toss such delicate clothes in a mesh bag and wash them only inside on a gentle cycle. Clothes made of natural fibres such as wool, rayon, and linen are good for hand-washing provided you immerse them in soapy water in a mild detergent after swishing for five minutes. You can then rinse the items until the water runs clear. Follow by gently squeezing out the water from the clothes. 

Read up more tips to hand wash delicate clothes to increase their life and keep them of good quality. 

Use the Dryer Properly

Most of us lack time for daily ironing. Using a fabric softener or dryer sheet helps in reducing wrinkles, but make sure that you select the lowest dryer temperature setting possible for this. Remove your clothes from the dryer as quickly as possible after drying; hang or fold the dress immediately. 

Maintain Your Washer and Dryer

We often recommend this among the best tips to do laundry at home. Major appliances like washing machines and dryers also need proper care and maintenance. Service both at regular intervals to keep them in good working condition for a long time. Deep-clean your washer and tune-up the dryer either by yourself or book the service of a professional handyman via the Sendhelper home services app, if you are in Singapore. Get rid of the grimy build-ups inside the washer as keeping them inside for too long can reduce its power and lessen the ability to clean the clothes. So don’t wait any more!

Prefer Air Drying More Often

This is another simple way to save your money as well as energy at home. Opting to air dry your clothes more often helps to increase the life of your clothes. Drying in too much heat destroys the quality of fabrics. 

Wash Your Bath Towels Regularly

There is nothing fresh like a basket or cupboard like properly washed and fluffy bath towels. Make sure to launder the towels every three to four days. Use bleaches that don't contain chlorine for the safe washing of white towels. Avoid the use of fabric softeners as they stiffen the towels causing them to form build-up over time. Also, prefer the use of scent-free dryer sheets to dry towels. 

Understand How to Do Baby Laundry

Using regular detergents can cause irritation and allergies to baby skin as they contain several additives and chemicals. Stick to using mild detergents that are less alkaline than regular ones as they will be safer for your baby’s skin. You can also avoid the use of fabric softeners while washing your baby's clothes. Stick on to pre-soaking stains in cool water as soon as possible to prevent spotting. 

Check out our ultimate guide to washing baby clothes.

Know When to Dry Clean Your Clothes 

Knowing what to dry wash is one of the best tips to do laundry like a pro. Some of your clothes come with a strict warning on the tags that they can only be dry washed. It is always safe to not risk the quality of delicate fabrics by washing them inside a machine. Clothes that come with embellishments such as buttons, beads, fur, sequence, etc. fall into this category. Also, take heavily-stained garments to a dry-cleaner, who would be having good experience in removing them with dedicated solvents. It is also good to store these clothes separately until they are taken for cleaning to avoid the spread of dirt on them. 

Want to learn how dry cleaning works? Read this article.

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