Tips to Clean Wooden Furniture at Home

January 6, 2021
Tips to clean wooden furniture at home

There is no doubt that wooden articles and wooden floors add a lot more elegance to our homes, and that is also why most of us opt for it. The classic appeal, versatility, longevity, and durability of wooden articles are other reasons for more people to choose them for their spaces. But, they need to be taken care to maintain its condition since wooden furniture gathers dust and mud that could not be removed easily by dusting. The reason why they require serious cleaning mainly is to maintain its beauty! Here's a few useful tips to clean wooden furniture at home.

Few Things to Keep in Mind While Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture would have great looks and can last long if they’re well maintained. But before you start to clean your furniture, make sure to check its finishing in detail so that it helps you buy a suitable wood cleaner. You should also check the label of the cleaner properly before the purchase and follow it correctly. Consider covering the wooden furniture at your home with protective pads and mats to prevent scratching, especially if you have pets. Make removing the dirt your top priority irrespective of the kind of finishing your furniture has. Dusting daily, regularly fixing the damages, and giving a deep-cleaning once in a while can save your wooden articles a lot more than you could probably imagine.

These tips to clean wooden furniture at home will keep your wooden articles clean and shiny. You can also engage professional handymen in Singapore to fix and polish home furniture.

Painted Wooden Furniture

Painted furniture is one of the different types of wooden furniture that you can effortlessly clean when compared to the other types. Avoid using polishes and waxes on it while cleaning as it can ruin its colour and decoration. 

Attach a brush to the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust away without the furniture getting scratched. You can use a microfiber cloth instead of an attachable brush if it is not available with you. 

Use a sponge to get rid of the easily-removable smudges and marks from the furniture. Prepare a solution with washing liquids to make the brushing easier. You can use a piece of cotton and wipe the discrete portion of the furniture to see if there is a change in its texture. If it is all fine, you can use a water mix and a detergent to wipe and clean its surface.

Polished Wooden Furniture

You can also use wax and varnish on polished furniture for its restoration, as many choose commercial polish to clean wooden surfaces quickly. Here are a few things to keep in mind while cleaning polished wooden furniture:

It is always better to use a paste wax instead of liquid and spray polishes to get a lasting and a hard finish for the furniture. Another popular tip to clean polished furniture is to apply mayonnaise to erase the rings and white spots on the surface. Allow it to sit for about an hour before wiping it off with damp cloth following it by polishing.

Oiled Wooden Furniture

Oil-finished furniture usually comes with a warm and soft sheen. They require the occasional application of furniture oil to maintain the shine and cleanliness of the surface. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Do not apply wax on oil-finished furniture since the application of wax can block the pores on the wooden surface and cause it to turn brittle and dry. Try rubbing off the white spots with a small amount of toothpaste dabbed on a clean cloth. 

You can use oils and gentle abrasives to remove the water spots. Another tip is to make a thin paste with a tablespoon of baking soda and water, and spread it over the rings. Wipe it with a damp cloth until the marks disappear.

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