Tips for Sleeping in Summer: How to Sleep Better on a Hot/Warm Night

April 8, 2022

Summer is a great time to spend at home with our family with longer days and sunny skies. It is all fun until we try to settle ourselves for a good night’s sleep by the end of the day. We mostly become a sweaty mess trying hard to cool our bodies and get some sleep. Your brain needs to be cooler by a fraction of a degree than the rest of your body to get optimal sleep. Cooling the body will therefore help alleviate the heat we will have to suffer otherwise. It will also increase our chance to get quality sleep on a warm summer night.  Here are some effective tips for sleeping in summer. Get to know how to get sound sleep on a hot summer night and you can thank us later!

Tips for Sleeping in Summer

Wear the Right Fabrics at Night

Wearing the right fabric during summer is the key to sleeping comfortably at night. Choose to wear cotton clothes as they help in soaking excess sweat, thereby letting our skin breathe better. Use cotton bed sheets during summer rather than man-made fabrics like nylon. Silky bed sheets might look elegant on your bed, but unfortunately, they will not help you stay cool during summer. 

Invest in a Cooling Mattress 

Choose an environmentally friendly cooling mattress or mattress topper as they are designed to increase airflow and circulation. The dedicated design of cooling mattresses lets air move freely between the layers, and hence there is less chance for air to get trapped in it. 

Eat Only Smaller Meals Close to Bedtime 

A heavy dinner with a lot of fats, carbohydrates, and spices will take more time for your body to break down. Having spicy food close to bedtime will also make you sweat a lot during the night. Therefore, it is always better to have something light before bedtime. Go for options like salad, chicken, or fish. Also, consider having food such as dark chocolate or popcorn that induces sleep if you have the habit of late-night snacking. 

Invest in an Air Conditioner 

Having a good aircon from a reliable air conditioner brand in Singapore is key to staying cool during a summer night. Invest in an aircon that is durable and power-saving at a reasonable price. Make sure that you decide on the right placement for the aircon to cool the entire bedroom quickly. For best cooling, ensure that the window unit is installed above your bed where you lay your head or on the opposite wall - where you keep your feet. 

If you already have an aircon at home, make sure that you service it and make it safe to work before summer approaches. An aircon that sits idle for months is most likely to collect a lot of dust and debris, thereby making it difficult to work. Here’s how you can clean your aircon unit before summer. However, you can also book the service of a professional service provider in Singapore for services such as aircon installation, troubleshooting, and contract maintenance, if you lack time to do the cleaning all by yourself.

Take a Warm Shower Before Bed 

Taking a warm shower before sleep helps in lowering the core temperature of our bodies. Our body temperature will rise in the shower initially, but it will begin to drop once we get out of the shower. It will help prevent the further rising of body temperature during sleep and might help you get good sleep. 

Soak Your Feet in Cold Water for Sometime

Heat is lost through the extremities, and hence you could cool your entire body if you soak your feet in some cold water before bed. Cool water helps to cool the pulse points on your feet and ankles. It will help you feel a little less warm before and while sleeping. 

Prefer Morning to Exercise 

Exercising increases the core temperature of our body, which is why we advise you to do it in the morning. Doing exercise as the first activity in the morning helps to kick start the body's metabolism throughout the day. It will also leave you feeling like resting by the end of the day. 

Get As Much As Natural Light During the Day 

Go outside and expose your body to as much as natural light during the daytime. It will help your body desensitize itself to light during the night. Exposure to sunlight during the day is one of the main reasons for maintaining regular sleep-wake patterns. 

Draw the Blinds Earlier During Evening 

Shade helps in cooling down the room, and hence closing the windows and blinds much earlier during the hot time of the day helps in lowering the temperature considerably. It will also help you keep dust away from the bed sheet. 

Cut Down on Caffeine and Dehydrate Well 

Having more caffeine drinks during summer results in raising our blood pressure and alertness. It will also increase the temperature of our body, and hence it will be best to avoid caffeinated drinks after 5pm.

Hydrating your body is also an important thing you should not skip doing during summer. Dehydration is closely linked to insomnia. Therefore, make sure that you drink plenty of water during the day. Keep a bottle of water by your bedside and stay hydrated throughout the night.

Sleep On Your Side 

Try sleeping on your side during summer rather than sleeping on your back or front as it helps to expose a larger portion of the body to the air. Therefore, it also helps the heat escape from your body to a great extent.

Keep Your Hands and Feet Out of Quilt 

Keeping your hands and feet out of the quilt might help you sleep better on a warm night. Our body tends to lose heat through extremities, and hence keeping them out of the duvet will help maintain the body temperature. If you use fans, you might as well need to clean ceiling fans to have cooler air circulation in the room.

Found these tips for sleeping in summer useful? Let us know.

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