4 Sustainable Fashion Practices That Are Good For Your Wardrobe

May 24, 2022
Sustainable Fashion Practices

The fashion industry widely contributes to the world’s waste each year. In fact, 21 billion tons of textile end up discarded annually due to fashion waste, with 15% of the fabric wasted just at the cutting stage alone. The fashion industry apparently pollutes water sources and maltreating its workers. Thus sustainable fashion practices becomes a topic of major discussion.

Although there is a long way to go in terms of lessening fashion waste, you can start by observing sustainability in your closet. Here are some sustainable fashion practices you can observe: 

Sustainable Fashion Practices

Upcycle what you already own

Clothes wear out over time. Instead of discarding them, one sustainable fashion practice is to mend rips and tears on your own. For stains, you can even embroider a design or sew a patch over them.

If you’re tired of the style, there are various online tutorials available on how to turn one piece of clothing into another. Not only will this prolong the wear of the contents of your closet, but you also get to explore your creativity and innovation skills. 

Purchase high-quality clothing

Fast fashion rarely produces good quality pieces due to the high demand in production rate and substandard materials. If repairing or upcycling your clothes is not an option anymore, make sure to invest in top-quality garments. This sustainable fashion practice ensures that they will last you many wears for an extended amount of time.

Having high-quality items in your closet also reduces your purchases and spending, saving you a great deal of time and resources.

In order to spot clothes that would last is to confirm there are no gaps when you pull at the seams. Tighter seams mean stronger seams, reducing the risk of tears. Another tip is to check if the material is not too see-through. Sheer fabrics can be a blessing on warmer days, but they also contain fewer fibres that are prone to tearing.

Lean towards timeless pieces

Aside from buying quality clothes, owning timeless pieces is another popular sustainable fashion micro-habit to have. Timeless clothes are those that never go out of style, can be worn on different occasions, and can be paired with almost any type of garment. Some classic pieces include a white dress shirt, which can be worn in a formal setting if paired with slacks and casually when paired with jeans.

Use a black dress for a daytime look with a pair of denim jacket, for example. It is also good for an evening look with a blazer. Though not always applicable, staying away from patterned fabrics is another way to make sure your closet is timeless. 

Sell, donate, and repurpose

If there are items in your wardrobe you can't use anymore, sell, donate, or repurpose them instead of throwing them away. This sustainable fashion practice benefits those who don’t have the resources to buy clothes for themselves. Old dresses and shirts can also be turned into pillowcases, bags, and coasters. More damaged clothing can be turned into wet rags to use for cleaning. Repurposing your garments can go a long way.

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This article is written by Raizel Joyce for the Sendhelper.

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