Spring Cleaning for Christmas: 7 Ways to Declutter and Refresh your Home in Singapore

December 4, 2023

Singapore is getting ready to celebrate Christmas in all its glory as safely as possible. While this is the time of the year we cannot wait to invite family and friends over, it is also the time we need to make space in our homes to host guests. We will have to put all the gifts and toys our guests might bring over. Therefore, decluttering and spring cleaning for the Christmas season is a must.

It is not a good idea to declutter our homes at the last minute as we are most likely to be occupied with various other tasks. If you feel that your home feels too busy and that it is in need of a declutter, you had better do it early. 

If you are wondering why, it is essential to spring clean your home, we have got you covered.

Renewal and Fresh Start Spring cleaning offers a symbolic and tangible fresh start, clearing out the old to make way for the new, fostering a sense of renewal.
Health and Hygiene Eliminating dust, allergens, and accumulated grime enhances indoor air quality, promoting a healthier living environment for you and your family.
Stress Reduction A tidy space reduces visual clutter and promotes mental clarity, contributing to lower stress levels and a more serene living atmosphere.
Increased Productivity An organized and decluttered space facilitates better focus and productivity, creating an environment conducive to achieving daily tasks and goals.
Preserving Valuables Regular cleaning helps maintain the condition of your belongings, preventing wear and tear over time and extending the lifespan of furniture, textiles, and other items.

Here are some amazing tips from us for decluttering and spring cleaning for the Christmas season without much confusion.

Do it Hard

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind before you start packing your stuff while decluttering is to be ruthless about discarding unwanted stuff. We might feel the need to clean and keep everything we come across in most rooms thinking that we’d need them someday. Sort everything into three categories - the things you are keeping, things you are discarding, and the things you are storing and keeping somewhere else. You can keep the things you would not need all the time in an attic or unit. Make sure that you donate or discard the things you don’t use to charity, and see that the things you donate are in good condition.

Head Over to the Kitchen

There is no great time to declutter your kitchen other than the Christmas season. Throw away everything from your kitchen that is out of date. This includes all those unwanted herbs and spices you’d no longer use for cooking as they would not be having any smell or taste. You can take the dry kinds of pasta and cereals out of bulky boxes and store them in containers to save space in the kitchen. Store the non-essentials of your kitchen in the garage or a storeroom after labelling the containers and boxes you store them in.

Clear Out Stuff from Your Refrigerator

Decluttering for the Christmas season is not just about furniture, clothes and rooms. Christmas is a time we will find the need to store a lot of food for our friends and family. Your refrigerator also needs detailed decluttering as the Christmas season approaches. You will need more space in the refrigerator to store the food from what you usually need as there will be guests in the house. You will be cooking and keeping meals and desserts for them in the refrigerator. Hence clearing unwanted stuff out of the refrigerator should not be missed by any chance.

Here is how you can clean your refrigerator at your home.

Bring an Order to Your Living Room

You can start to declutter your living room by throwing away the trash and storing toys in boxes so that children still feel welcome to play. Keep the Christmas cards and family photos for display at attractive spots to catch your guests' attention. You can also rearrange the furniture and seats to have a good view of the television when your guests gather. Give focus to the Christmas tree while you set up the living room after decluttering.

Rearrange the Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the spaces where we dump most of our stuff. You can make use of the space under the beds to keep all the stuff after packing them neatly in baskets or cardboard boxes. You can also make use of some space in the drawers - make sure to leave some space for your guests to keep their belongings. Use backpacks and other bags to store your stuff if you still have things lying around after keeping them in baskets and cupboards.

Decluttering Bathrooms

When it comes to decluttering, the bathroom is no space to forget as your guests will be using it. Throw away all the expired items such as shampoos, soaps, medicines, and other cosmetics that have passed their expiry date from all your bathrooms. You can keep the ones left in the cupboards and space under the sinks. Make use of all the pre-made storage areas which you mostly do not utilise. Replace the half-empty shower gels and shampoo bottles with new ones. 

Make sure that you clear the basin area and all the edges of the bath of toiletries as well.

Make Space in the Dining Room

The dining room is the place where the meals take place, so you will have to make sure that there is more space for all of you to hang around. It is the place where everyone is most likely to gather and spend some time together while having meals. Take away the unwanted furniture and decorations and store them somewhere else if you don’t want to throw them away. Detangle the cables and cords that are lying all over the place and keep them somewhere out of everyone’s reach. Arrange the chairs of your dining room in ways that don't take up too much space around the furniture. Make sure that you have very few things to occupy the floors as there will always be someone walking around and keeping company with each other.

Spring Cleaning for Christmas Season in Singapore

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