House Cleaning Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Clean Your Home in Less Than One Hour

July 20, 2022

Whether it is a last-minute call from your friends saying they are going to crash at your place or your parents informing you that they are on their way to meet you, there is nothing more stressful than realising that your home is not clean. You might feel confused while looking around to see the mess and not know where to start the house cleaning. Sometimes, you will have to tidy up your home quickly at the last minute when you don’t have a chance to deep-clean it in a short time. Here a few house cleaning tips is going to help you a long way.

You don’t need to panic - we are here with a guide to help you know where to begin and what to do in less than one hour to make your home look clean. Let us look at how you can clean room by room in less than an hour.

House Cleaning Tips: Clean in Less Than One Hour

Sweep Sweep Sweep!

Start by clearing all the clutter on the floors. You will have to walk through the entire space and load all the clutter back in. That’s not going to be a long-term solution, but it’ll surely help your home look organised in the case of an emergency. Stash the laundry basket in a place that is not visible to your guests. Take a trash can or bag, collect all the junk receipts, mails, containers and everything you won’t use and dispose of the waste. 

Clean the Entrance Area

For many people, the entrance area is an actual room, and they spend so much time there. Start cleaning the entrance by removing the surface clutter. Follow by wiping the table with a wipe and cleaning the windows. Clear out the space for keeping bags and hanging coats and move on with cleaning the other rooms. 

Wipe Clean Kitchen Surfaces 

Clear off clutter from the countertops and start wiping them, the sink and the kitchen appliances after washing the dirty dishes. Throw the dishes in the dishwasher - your work gets easier during the quick house cleaning. Check your refrigerator and see whether there are old food items you should throw away. Wipe down all the dirty shelves and finish the quick cleaning of your kitchen by taking out the trash bag and replacing the trash bin with a new bag. 

Here’s a detailed guide to cleaning the refrigerator at home.

Clean the Living Room 

Your living room should be looking tidy by now as you have completed clearing the clutter from all the other rooms. Replace the throw blankets in the living room and fluff the pillows. Wipe down if you have tables in the room and straighten the magazines and books there. You are all set to go to clean the next area!

Clean Your Bathrooms 

Making your bathroom clean before guests arrive is a must. Making your cleaning go as fast as it can is the only way to do it if you have limited time. Pour some toilet cleaner into the toilet and brush it away. Scrub or wipe down the other dirty areas of your bathroom using a cleaning solution and paper towels, and wipe clean the mirrors. Replace the hand towels with fresh ones and refill the handwash dispenser. Lastly, take out the trash in your bathrooms and replace it with new bags. You can also light a scented candle. 

Do remember to deep clean your bathrooms occasionally. 

Organise Your Bedroom 

The first thing you can do is make the bed. Fluff the pillows on it to make them look great. Keep the blinds and curtains open. It is okay if you don’t have a great view to open the windows - open the blinds or curtains to let some natural light in. Pick up cluttering objects such as shoes, papers, or clothes lying on the floor and keep them in places where they fit. Also, clear the clutter from your table, wipe clean it, and light and keep a scented candle to add freshness.  

Do a Final Sweep 

It gets easier to vacuum the floors and sweep high-traffic areas when the clutter is all gone. Wipe the floors of your bathroom walls using a damp towel and clean the floors of the rooms using a mop. 

If you have some extra time to spend on cleaning, wipe clean the frames and baseboards in the living room. Scented candles will be your best pals while setting up space before the guest arrives, so remember to put your fan on low.

One-Hour House Cleaning Tips Checklist

  1. Get walking through the entire house and clear all the clutter from the floors.
  2. Hide the laundry baskets.
  3. Carry a trash bag while walking around and collect all the trash.
  4. Clear and choose a space to keep your bags and coats.
  5. Sweep the front door entrance and the living room.
  6. Wash the dirty dishes in your sink or throw them into the dishwasher.
  7. Wipe clean the kitchen appliances, countertops, and sink.
  8. Clear the trash from your kitchen trash can and replace the can with a new bag.
  9. Take away all the old food and drinks from the refrigerator.
  10. Scrub the toilet bowl with cleaners.
  11. Scrub or wipe clean the other surfaces of the bathroom.
  12. Replace the towels in the bathrooms with fresh ones.
  13. Wipe clean mirrors in all bathrooms.
  14. Clear the trash can in bathrooms and replace the trash bags.
  15. Open the blinds of your room and let the light in.
  16. Make the beds, fluff the pillows, dust or wipe the tables and light a scented candle in your room.
  17. Vacuum the living room and other high-traffic areas.
  18. Put fans in all rooms on low for air circulation.
  19. Wipe clean the frames in the living room.
  20. Light a candle in the living room if you have extra.

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