Precautions to Take While Moving House During the Pandemic

September 28, 2021
Moving house during the pandemic.

We might have to face the unavoidable need to shift to a new place during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is vital to follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Singapore and take precautions to avoid the spreading of the virus. Moving to a new house is an exciting activity even if you are about to do it during a pandemic. It is just that you would need to be more cautious not only to make the job stress-free but also for the safety of everyone around you. You must undertake all the safety measures from sanitising all possible touch points to following social distancing while shifting.

This article discusses a few tips to have an easy shifting experience. 

Tips for Moving House During the Pandemic

Be Mindful When You Hire Home Service Providers

The virus can spread from contaminated surfaces and infected people quickly. It is natural to avail the services of professional cleaners, packers and movers while moving house during the pandemic. However, you should ensure to check whether the company you choose follows all the safety guidelines. Also, get to know in detail about the precautions undertaken by the logistics services you hire. Ask in detail about the sanitisation measures and all the possible precautions they take while they are at service. Make sure that the professionals bring masks, gloves, boots, and sanitisation kits before you book the services. 

Another important thing is to choose the service of companies who would provide multiple services such as cleaning, deep-cleaning, packing, and moving. For this, you can consider trusted service providers in Singapore like the Sendhelper as there is no greater priority for us than your safety. 
Read more about Sendhelper safety measures for Covid-19.

Avoid Physical Visiting and Do Virtual Surveys as Much as Possible

Service providers used to do a house tour in person before the pandemic to inspect and provide a quotation. You can suggest doing a video call for a home survey and discuss the estimate as the government has suggested everyone stay indoors as much as possible. It also saves the time of travel in addition to the cost of the surveyor. Recently customer enquiries on virtual visits had also shot up as it avoids the risk of contagion to a great extent.

You can also do virtual video calls with agents and owners to check out spaces while you are on your hunt for a new apartment. You can decide about visiting the place only if you liked it during the video call - this helps to avoid travel and unnecessary interactions related to moving into a new apartment.   

Disinfect the New Apartment Before You Unpack 

Get rid of all the packing materials in an isolated area to avoid contact with it further after moving to your new home. The Covid-19 virus could remain active on cardboards for up to 24 hours and plastic for 24 hours, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Hence, the safe disposal of packing materials is a must. You can leave them on your terrace or balcony untouched for three to four days. 

Spray the disinfectant in every nook and corner of your new space after you arrive and before setting up the furniture and other decorative items. Hiring professional cleaners from Sendhelper will make the sanitisation process easier for you, and they can do it more efficiently than you. 

Maintain a Six-Feet Distance

Maintain a distance of at least six feet from professionals while packing, cleaning, and moving your stuff. Wear masks, face shields, and gloves throughout the entire shifting process. Keep vulnerable groups in your family such as children and elders inside a separate room to avoid contact. Make sure that your house is ventilated - keep the windows and doors open and keep the air conditioners off. 

Do everything to Ensure the Safety of People Around You

The professional service providers from Sendhelper arrive equipped with sanitisation gears. However, it is your responsibility to offer a risk-free environment in your space for them. Sanitise the potential threat areas such as knobs of doors, tables, windows, switches, and windows.

Ask your family members to wash their hands more frequently until the whole process is complete. 

Five-Star Move-in Cleaning Service in Singapore

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