Move-out Cleaning Checklist: What Should Property Owners Do Between Tenancy

August 4, 2021
Move-out cleaning checklist

There is no good time to be a rental property agent or a landlord if you have a property to rent out. However, a considerable aspect which is not so great is the move-out cleaning and renovation of those properties. To rent our spaces to new occupants after each tenant leaves is not always an easy job. It sometimes seems to be the toughest part of the job. Change in tenancy would be a constant challenge for some people even when they are well-versed in the business. This article presents you with an ultimate move-out cleaning checklist that will make cleaning tasks easy for you. Here are some of the cleaning tips you always wanted to know.

Move-out Cleaning Tips: A Checklist for Property Owners

Make Sure to Carry a Move Out Inspection 

Make a point to be present during the most vital part of the rental process - moving out by tenants. Moving out is a time when tenants can dispute property damages. Therefore, attending the place can help you avoid paying for wrong claims that could be submitted by the tenants. Your presence can also initiate conversations regarding which repairs and damages are the responsibility of the tenant. It is also a good time to hand over their deposits to avoid confusion in the future. You can also make sure to get all the unit keys from your tenants back, including the duplicates if they’ve created any. 

Create a Checklist and Do a Deep-cleaning

Take enough time to deep-clean the space thoroughly as it is vital for re-leasing a space. Make sure that you go through the issues your previous tenants have addressed. Making a detailed checklist helps you to cover the deep cleaning process more effectively. You can also create a second list to include the residential maintenance and upkeep points. The checklist should include testing light fixtures, cleaning and replacing damaged carpets, sanitizing the surfaces, cleaning appliances and air intake vents, replacing HVAC filters, general servicing of aircon and more. 

Re-clean the Key Areas of Your Space

You can re-clean all the main areas of the space after doing all the first cleaning. Include the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms as tenants can break rental agreements if these spaces are dirty. Check for plumbing issues, mildew, leaks, and moulds in bathrooms. Clean or replace the tub and showers to avoid them from becoming deal breakers for potential tenants.

Patch and Paint the Walls of Your Property

The best time to patch and repaint an apartment is the time between the tenancies. Do this work whenever it is feasible, at least once a year. Paint all the indoor areas such as walls, doors, ceiling, and trim. You can consider repainting the outside of a unit by determining the nature of your property. However, keep in mind that painting a rental unit is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing its attractiveness. New painting and patchwork will make the property appear fresh to new tenants. Paint and polish all the scuffed walls that remind the tenants that they are not the first inhabitants of your space. 

Inspect and Repair Plumbing Issues 

Plumbing leaks are one of the most serious issues seen in rental units. The water damage can impact all areas of the rental units - the floors, walls, and ceilings. It can also result in flooding that can destroy multiple units quickly. It is one of the most damaging and costly problems one can incur as a property owner. 

Make sure that you inspect and review the unit slowly and by taking enough time. Replace or repair the plumbing within each of your units. It is one of the best investments one can do to ensure the longevity of one’s rental properties. Plumbing and repair is an ongoing expense for rental owners who seek long-term success. If needed, hire an experienced plumber in Singapore to fix and repair leaking pipes and taps.

Deep Cleaning Service Between Tenancy in Singapore

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