How to Prepare Your Home for a Christmas House Party During Covid-19

December 16, 2020
Cleaning your home for a Christmas house party during Covid-19.

Christmas in Singapore is a huge celebration, and most of us start organising and decorating our space well in advance for the holiday season. Making sure that we provide a memorable time for people who come to our place as guests is often a challenge especially during the pandemic we are going through now. It is important to know what works and what doesn’t to set the right mood safely while arranging our homes for the Christmas house party during Covid-19. With the pandemic game being still on in our lives, it is important to go a little far to ensure everyone’s safety before, during and after the party. 

Singapore entering Phase 3 of Covid-19 reopening on December 28 comes as a good news just in time. You can invite up to 8 visitors at home for a Christmas or New Year’s eve party, an increase from 5 visitors during Phase 2. While you are allowed to invite more people, you should also get your home ready to accommodate all of them in a safe manner.

Here’s a guide to preparing your home for a Christmas house party during Covid-19.

Declutter Your Home and Sanitise Every Corner

There is something highly beneficial about decluttering your space since it helps you to get rid of a heap of unwanted stuff. Decluttering helps in clearing your mind, and it also saves your space at home. Take some time to clear out the things you will no longer use before gifts for the Christmas season start coming in. 

Follow the process by cleaning and sanitising every nook and corner of your home since the safety of our guests is as important as ours. 

Deep Clean Your Space

Deep cleaning your house after the decluttering and organizing process is highly recommended. But, if you don’t have the time, you can consider getting help from Sendhelper for a professional and thorough cleaning. We take care of the cleaning and sanitizing process - before and after-party. 

Tackle, arrange and fully sanitise the rooms you want the guests to stay in - the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. You can arrange a separate shelf for the guests to keep their belongings like bags after proper sanitisation. Keep a spray sanitiser to use it on the bags, shoes, and other wearables as soon as the guests arrive at your place. 

Sanitise and Arrange an Area for Celebration

It would become easy for everyone if you arrange a space for partying. Think about the sight, smell, and sound of the space to set the celebration mood. For this, you can arrange the space using stockings and other decorative embellishments after proper cleaning and sanitising. Also, make sure that you place sanitisers at the space for your guests to use.

Keep the Bathrooms Clean

With guests coming and going, bathrooms are generally areas one would need to use in a while. Therefore, you will have to keep your bathrooms clean. Doing a ten-minute speed clean every day helps you to be ready for the festive season. 

Place a sanitiser near the entrance of your bathroom so that everyone going in and out of the toilet can use it. 

Put Up a Christmas Tree

Choose to buy a Christmas tree, decorate it, and set it up in a common room where people can enjoy its beauty. Put on the lights, wrap them in and out of its branches to get a fully lit-up look. You can also decorate the tree further using ornaments and use tree toppers. Make sure that you keep the tree away from heating vents to keep it fresh. 

Set Out Festive Decorations

Take the Christmas novelties out and put them on display in your house. You can choose to hang stockings and garlands; sprinkle some fake snow on your Christmas tree and window panes too. 

Display Homemade Decorations

Making and decorating our homes with homemade decorations is a cost-effective way. You can choose to craft paper snowflakes to hang inside the house and make wreaths from sprigs of pine. 

Make Decorating Outdoors a Priority 

Outdoor decorations enhance the beauty of your home in several ways. From hanging Christmas wreaths on the door to displaying mini evergreens on the front doorstep, you can boost the Christmas mood at your place. String lights on your lawn and garland on the shrubbery. Lighting up the walkway with red lights is also a good choice; add a few ribbons, lanterns, and scarves too. 

Are You Worried About Cleaning Your Home For a Christmas House Party During Covid-19?

Most of us who don’t have much time to juggle between work and home chores are always on the lookout for professional home service providers, especially during the festive season. Sendhelper being the best cleaning service provider in Singapore has the perfect solution for you by taking up before and after party cleaning for Christmas. We follow all the necessary protocols for your safety.  You can read more about the safety measures we take on our website. 

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