Beach Sand Cleanup: Tips to Keep Your Home Sand-Free After a Fun Beach Day

August 3, 2023

It is always fun to enjoy a day out at the beach with friends, family, or all by ourselves. Summer is mostly the time most of us opt to play at the beach, and it is a great activity to do as well. However, the sand from the beach could create a mess at home by staying inside even after many days after the trip. It could also get into all the places like your bed, and if not cleaned on time, it can be a pain to remove. We are here to remind you of a few things you will have to do and keep in mind before you head out to the beach to make your beach experience pleasant by being sand-free even after coming back and reminiscing about it. Let’s go!

Rinse Sand from Your Body and Belongings as Much as Possible

Make sure that you shake away and rinse all the sand from your body and essentials before getting into the car even if you have covered the seats with a towel prior. You can also pack two towels for each person for doing sand activities and cleaning later separately. Lightly dust some baby powder on your body after rinsing away the sand as it helps to grab the sand. Change the clothes if that is possible, rinse your swimming suit and place it in a sealable bag to avoid any dust from falling into your car’s trunk.

Make sure to take the swimming suit into the laundry room and hang it up for drying right after you get back home. There is a possibility for some sand to be hiding in the lining of the suit. You can clean the remaining sand particles on it using a small brush and hand wash them using some warm water and some mild soap.

Carry an Extra Bag for Beach Toys

Place beach toys such as beach balls and shovels in a separate bag with a small stiff brush. The sand from the beach can stick to them even when they are plastic. Hence, make sure that you rinse the toys with a brush and dry them before packing them back home. You can leave them in your car’s trunk when you drive back home.

Sand-proof the Bags You Carry to the Beach

Most public beaches will have some showers that will make it easy for you to get rid of the sand, but they do not help rinse off all of it from your body and belongings, and hence protecting your stuff is important.

Sealable plastic bags will always be a great option to carry stuff to the beach. Bags with a sand-proof lining are designed to give extra protection at a fraction of the cost. Keep the essentials such as cell phones, keys, and books into individual bags to protect them from sand that might get in. You can discard the bag in the garbage at your door when you’re back home.

Cover the Seats of Your Car with Towels Before You Head Out

Even though asking you to cover the seats of your car even before going to the beach might seem a little too much for you, we promise that you’ll thank us later. Just because you are going to the beach clean does not ensure that you will be returning the same way. Even if you go out and play or not, beach sand is likely to be present on your body, and hence using towels will act as a barrier and prevent the sand from getting into the cracks and hard-to-reach areas of your car. Also, use an old towel to catch the sand from the bottom of your footwear - you can easily discard it when you get back home. Make sure that you wear flip-flops instead of closed-toe shoes to avoid the time spent shaking sand out of the shoes.

Sweep and Clean Your Home Thoroughly

No matter how much care you take, you are likely to track some sand that could get into rugs and carpets and spoil them. So, if you find any sand on any rug, take it out immediately, lay it on top of a rail and get the dust out of it using a broom or brush. Use a rubber broom to clean hardwood floors well. Also, pay special attention to carpeted floors to make sure that they are clean. Clean the floors using a wet-dry vacuum cleaner that has good suction to pull out the sand well.

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