Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul: Know the Difference and Benefits Better

November 24, 2020
Differences between chemical wash and chemical overhaul

Regular maintenance of air conditioners is vital for them to perform well and stay in shape. The parts of an aircon including its coils, filters, and fins need regular cleaning to enhance its performance. An efficient aircon helps in reducing the power requirement and the energy bills. It results in the longer lifespan of the aircon.  In the earlier days, these conditioners used to get only a normal wash like cars. The inner portions of the aircons were not considered while cleaning. This is how new methods called chemical wash and chemical overhauls came up. 

Benefits of Chemical Wash

Chemical washing of an aircon helps to ensure quality airflow inside the rooms. A qualified technician carries out chemical wash by removing its parts for detailed cleaning. It includes the deep-cleaning of water trays, coils, and filters using chemical solutions that are effective in killing harmful bacteria and other threats like molds. It also stops their growth inside the aircon. Doing chemical wash of aircons helps to keep energy bills low as it would have less build-up, which slows down the flow of air. Therefore, make sure that you service your aircon regularly with the help of a service provider. 

Benefits of Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul is a method that goes a bit further than a chemical wash. While the technician needs to clean the trays, coils, and filter, it is also important to ensure the working of blower wheels and exchange coils, and the easy flow inside the aircon’s drainage pipes. Make sure to fix the oddities inside the aircon to ensure the working of the entire unit. Doing fixing and cleaning of the aircon in one go is something you can look forward to doing once in a year. 

In addition to these benefits, doing a chemical overhaul ensures the quality of its functioning without having to face the need to replace its expensive parts. Consider doing a chemical overhaul when you start to hear strange noises from any of the parts of your aircon. In such situations, chances are high that you would need to replace the part. You should replace the worn-out parts of an aircon as early as possible to avoid future difficulties. 

Chemical Wash and Chemical Overhaul: Which One Should You Prefer?

You will need to do both processes, but a chemical wash more frequently than the other. You can always choose to incorporate both into your regular maintenance routine to ensure quality performance of the unit. 

While doing a chemical wash ensures the quality cleaning of an aircon’s parts, a chemical overhaul will go even deeper in terms of improving its performance. We recommend you to do a chemical overhaul once a year, but if you feel like your unit is not performing well or leaking water, make sure that you seek advice from an expert. Also, get to know about the five possible reasons for aircon water leakage. Negligence to clean your aircon can sometimes result in affecting its functionality forever. 

Aircon Servicing & Regular Maintenance by Sendhelper

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