10 Essential but Often Neglected Cleaning Spots

March 14, 2024

There cannot be someone among us who doesn’t want to keep our home clean all the time possible. A clean house always offers a relaxing space while most of us are working from home, and hence it is important to keep it extremely clean. There are times when we see that our house is not as clean as it could be, and that is because of some commonly overlooked areas many of us forget to clean. Such spots are easy to miss, and there could be many reasons for this to happen. Sometimes they can be out of reach while you do routine cleaning, and sometimes you simply don’t realise that certain spots need a good cleaning.  

Here are a few reasons why it is important to clean the often-neglected spots.

Health Cleaning neglected spots removes dust, mold, and bacteria, reducing health hazards.
Cleanliness Regular cleaning maintains overall cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.
Durability Cleaning prevents premature wear and tear on surfaces, extending their lifespan.
Air quality Removing contaminants improves indoor air quality, promoting healthier living conditions.
Pest control Cleaning eliminates hiding places and food sources for pests, reducing infestation risks.

However, these spots could physically harm you by keeping dust in the air. Therefore, it is important to clean the most commonly overlooked spots of our house to make it sparkling clean. Listed below are some of the common spots we mostly miss on a cleaning routine - add them to your list.  


Baseboards are among the most missed spots in our homes while cleaning rooms. We often clean the floors in the cleaning routine and miss the baseboards that catch as much dirt and debris as on the floors. Dirt stays more evident on white baseboards, and we often do not notice it as we get used to seeing them regularly. Clean the baseboards of your rooms regularly to improve the overall cleanliness and aesthetics of your home. Put this on the seasonal cleaning list for you to not miss it anymore.  

Switches, Knobs, and Handles  

Elements like switches, knobs, and handles blend in with the colour of the walls and doors. It is why we mostly don’t notice the dust that accumulates around them. There is a high possibility for germs to spread around these elements, especially during a pandemic. Hence, use sanitisers and bacterial cleaners to disinfect and polish them regularly.  

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans usually collect many layers of dust. Loose dust on the ceiling fans will get redistributed back into the room when you turn them on. It can be very unhealthy, especially for people with allergies. While cleaning ceiling fans, make sure that you get a ladder and wipe all the ceiling fans with a wet cloth at least once a month for your lungs to thank you!

Spots Behind Refrigerator, Washing Machine, and Dryer  

We usually clean the inside of refrigerators, but forget to clean under and behind them. A lot of food particles will accumulate behind the refrigerator along with a lot of dust and debris. The story will be similar to the area behind the washing machine and dryer, so you must take time to move these appliances while you deep clean your home space.

Window Blinds  

Window blinds are usually hard to clean, but they make a big difference in the overall aesthetics and cleanliness of your house. Dust and debris accumulate on window blinds quickly as they cover a large area, and leaving them like that can be unhealthy. Make sure to wipe the window blinds in your rooms regularly - wipe them individually from top to bottom to make them free of dust.  

Air Vents  

Air vents collect a lot of dust and filter them, but a portion of it can get stuck on the grates. They can mostly be tucked away or up in the ceiling, so there is a high chance for most people to miss them out during cleaning. Clean the filters regularly to make sure that the air you breathe is cleaner and your home looks clean.

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