Your Phone Can Now Fix Leaks Too!

October 18, 2018

Benjamin Franklin once said ‘A small leak will sink a great ship.’. Although most of us do not live on ships, a small leak in our homes might ‘sink’ our bills. A small leak in our faucets can amount to the wastage of 340 litres of water daily. In addition to the rise in water prices here in Singapore, all the more do we need to save water on a day to day basis! Here are some ways in which we can fix leaks and avoid ‘sinking’ our utility bills:

Reducing water pressure while showering

You read it right.  Most pipes are made with a threshold for certain ranges of water pressure changes. While showering with high water pressures might feel good, it may not be good for the state of your pipes. This is because excessive water pressures can damage and cause leaks in your pipes. Not only do you prolong the lifespan of your pipes as when you reduce water pressure during showers, you also reduce the amount of water used during showers, which in turn lowers your utility bills!

Check for Pipe Damages

In addition to point 1, excess water pressure may result in fixture cracks. When this happens, you will notice leaking pipe or in general, leaking of water. Fixture cracks may happen out of sight, under our sinks. When there are sounds of water dripping in the toilet regularly occurring, it is likely that there are fixture cracks in the pipes which you can’t see. Additionally, hot temperatures and high water pressures strains pipe joints. When you hear banging or clanking sounds while showering, especially when you are taking a hot shower, this is a sign of pipe joint issues. It is also important to conduct water heater repair if its performance or reliability reduces with time.

Furthermore, nothing lasts forever. If your pipes have been laid 20-30 years ago, the likelihood of it facing corrosion issues is high. This is because the materials used to make pipes then are of lower quality than materials used to construct pipes today. Hence older pipes are more susceptible to corrosion than those of today.

In such circumstances, call a plumber to examine your pipes and repair any damages before it gets out of hand. Sendhelper is a great place to book and purchase a variety of plumber services in Singapore suitable to your needs and budget. You can use the Sendhelper app on iOS App Store or Google Play Store to book and confirm plumbing services as quickly as the same day or following day of the booking to treat your pipe damages immediately! You can also get 24 hour plumbers in case of emergency.

Treat your Clogs

The lump of hair. Perhaps children’s toy parts from entertaining them in the shower. There are more causes to a clog than these. By clearing the shower drainage every day after showers, you can prevent such clogs from happening. However, when you realise that the water takes a longer time to drain or has stopped flowing through altogether, it is about time you call for plumbing services for a drain cleaner. This is because the aforementioned will eventually cause pipes beneath to leak, which wastes water.

The aforementioned are ways in which we can prevent water wastage by being diligent about the conditions of our water pipes. Of course, there are other ways in which we can prevent and decrease water wastage. Most importantly, we have to be diligent about the little things in the toilet and rectify issues as soon as we notice them.

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