What Does Your Home Wall Colour Say About Your Personality?

April 7, 2017

t’s common knowledge that colours affect our mood and your choice of a colour reflects your personality. Either you have an own house or a dream home in your mind, you would have painted the wall a colour you are attracted to and have a deep emotional connection.

Let’s find out what your wall colour says about your personality. Here are the top favourites:


You probably like walking by the beach admiring vast and calm ocean or revelling in the tranquility of soothing blue skies. You have a soft, soothing and compassionate behaviour. You like to stay away from the hectic world by getting back to a calm and serene home. You own a steady and wise character. You like your own company most of the times.


Orange exudes energy, enthusiasm and vitality. It goes without saying you are a social butterfly and love to have people around. You will even host parties just for the company. You are curious by nature and might come across as an overwhelming character to others. On the downside, you are indecisive and fickle minded.


Mother nature is green. If green is your favourite colour, you are very much like the nature. You symbolize renewal, harmony and humbleness.  You find balance between peace and chaos. Your home is as important as your work. People often approach you to seek advice and you will never hesitate to help them. Practicing yoga in an open greenfield is your beloved activity.


You have a fierce personality. You desire to take on the world and change whatever you don’t like. You hate monotony and are vigorous, and impulsive. Although your aggressiveness can cause your downfall, you are someone with a zest for life. You often look forward to high intense days.


Purple is not a common colour people choose to paint their walls. If you do, you are unconventional, adventurous, creative, and out-of-the box. Purple shades create a feel of glamour and emanate intimacy and coziness. Not to mention, you are romantic at heart. You are witty, and sensible but sensitive with huge desire to be unique and different.

Black/Dark Grey

If you choose a dark colour, you are sophisticated and like order and direction in life. You do not like to be showy and love your freedom. You like to take control of situations while staying independent. You probably are a perfectionist who takes time to carry out tasks with absolute meticulousness.

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