Weekly House Cleaning: Health and Lifestyle Benefits

August 14, 2020
Health and lifestyle benefits of weekly cleaning

Weekly house cleaning surprisingly has more health and lifestyle benefits than we imagine. In current times, we spend most of our time indoors, be it shifting office to home, working out at home gym or training pets -  our activities are confined to the four walls of our dwellings, mostly.

A clean and fresh smelling home is always welcoming. However, the more time you spend at home, the more dirty it gets (if left without proper care). Dust gathers from outdoors through opened windows, grease accumulates on the kitchen top, bathrooms get thick with grime, bugs invade the mattress, mould grows in hidden corners of shelves, pet danders press into carpets if you do not clean your home regularly.

In this article, we will tell you some surprising benefits (maybe you already know) of regular house cleaning because a clean home is responsible for healthier you as well as having healthy relationships.

Benefits of Weekly House Cleaning

Allergy-Free Life

Weekly cleaning prevents accumulation of dust and pet danders at home which are the primary causes of several allergies and asthma, according to the American Lung Association. Allergies lead to severe lung diseases and respiratory tract distress.

Regular cleaning also helps you to spot moulds upfront in corners where your eyes usually wouldn't fall upon. Before the problem aggravates and kids develop rashes from allergies, you can thwart the threat through thorough cleaning. In such situations carry out a one-time deep cleaning for a comprehensive cleaning including deep scrubbing of surfaces. 

Organised Living

We spend a considerable amount of time searching for misplaced items like car keys, wallet, maybe a spatula or a pair of shoes etc. at home. Regular cleaning and arranging of items ensure they are in the right place always so you know where to find them all the time. It saves time and most importantly that unnecessary frustration you may vent out on your partner or someone at home.

Sound Sleep Every Day

What is common among successful people? They make their bed every morning! So that they come back to a tidy bed for a good night’s rest. Bug-free mattress, clean sheets, and scented room is a must for a calm and sound sleep. You must change sheets once a week. Also, make sure your home is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes and pests. In a chaotic environment, you will be deprived of sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to serious medical conditions like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

A Fit Life

Cleaning your home may be a chore but it is also a good form of exercise. You need not invest in expensive fitness equipment to stay in shape. All you need to do is keep your body moving around by engaging in physical activities. Studies show moving and organising furniture around for 25 minutes will easily burn 100 calories. Even If you hire the services of a professional for weekly cleaning, you will find it fun and engaging to chip in the cleaning activities. It not only makes you healthy but also helps you develop a good rapport with your regular cleaner. When you book through Sendhelper app, you can choose your favourite cleaner for all future appointments.

Healthy Relationships

Surprised? We saved the best for the last. Have you watched the Netflix series ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’? In the show, the couple’s biggest source of confrontation in the relationship is cleaning the home. They are frustrated and unsettled due to disorganisation of their home and as a result they often forget to take good care of their children. A study of newly divorced parents in 2016 suggests that disagreements over managing housework is one of the top reasons for divorce. Sharing chores is one way to get out of the rut since research finds couples who do chores together are happier.

Alternatively, you can employ a professional house cleaning service provider for weekly house cleaning through Sendhelper. The cleaner as scheduled in the app will visit every week to tidy up your place and keep it fresh and clean.

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