Reducing Indoor Humidity: What All Should We Be Doing?

November 30, 2020
Ways to reduce indoor humidity at home

Higher humidity is always a threat to energy efficiency, and it makes the air inside your room warmer. To comfortably live inside your space, the first and foremost step is to make sure that you prevent the entry of moisture into your space. Reducing indoor humidity on our own is a tricky thing, but let us look at a few ways to do it right.

Prevention Steps Inside Your Space

If you live in a landed property it is vital to see that you have wet soil and water stagnation in your area. If you have, make it completely dry. Also, direct the dryer ducts to the outside.

Fix and Run Exhaust Fans

It is definitely for a reason why people use exhaust fans mostly in bathrooms and kitchens - it helps in reducing indoor humidity and unpleasant odour. Switch on the exhaust fans while cooking and showering to let the excess moisture out.

Grow Indoor Plants to Absorb Humidity

Plants such as Boston ferns inside homes help to lower the humidity levels. The bonus point is that you are also removing a lot of carbon dioxide and adding more oxygen to space.

Get a Dehumidifier

If the humidity level inside your room is above 65 percent, you should consider buying a dehumidifier. A portable dehumidifier is a good option to have, but you can also get a whole-home dehumidifier if you have the budget.

Dry Your Clothes

Laundry is a chore that increases the humidity levels within the house to considerably high levels. Hanging wet clothes inside for drying causes humidity from the moisture. The situation can get even worse if you live in a place with poor ventilation within your rooms. Make sure that you use a dryer or practice drying clothes by hanging them outside to prevent the rise in humidity levels. Alternatively, you can opt to send your laundry out to a reliable laundromat and get them washed, dried and delivered to your home.

Avoid Boiling Water on Humid Days

A portion of water forms into steam during boiling, and the air inside the room will absorb it quickly. Some air will also get inside your room if it is humid outside despite how hard you try. Therefore, it is a better idea to not add to it by boiling water on such days.

Clean the Filters of Your Aircon

Preferring to have an aircon in your space is a good idea to reduce humidity as it will pull air from the outside in addition to filtering out the moist air. It is a natural way of dehumidifying your space, but this is effective as long as the filters of the aircon are in good condition. As time passes, the aircon’s filters get clogged and block the flow of air, thereby increasing the humidity. There are several reasons for the aircon's bad performance - therefore, it is important to check it and get it fixed.

Change the Carpets

People always tend to overlook the carpets at their place, but they contribute more to humidity than we realise. Just like cushion surfaces, carpets also have a tendency to retain moisture and silently contribute to the overall moisture at your place. In situations where you have tried dehumidifying and did not work, consider replacing the carpets.

Take Short and Cold Showers

Hot showers and extensive cleaning expose our homes to more heat and moisture, but it can decrease by taking cold showers. Low flow shower heads are effective appliances to reduce the humidity levels by reducing the moisture levels.

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