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Nurturing Love on Valentine’s Day with a Newborn: Home Date Ideas for New Parents

February 8, 2024

Valentine’s Day can be all about pretty flowers, chocolates, movie dates, and the perfect gifts, but what if you need a new kind of experience with your new little person at home? If you are curious about how to accommodate your little person into your home date for Valentine's Day this year, now is a good time to have a clearer idea because the day is already here. You can do it without compromising even a little on the fun and romance — that’s our word.

Home Date Ideas from a New Parent

Muhamad Nazhiim Amnoradi, senior graphic designer at Singapore's leading home servicing brand, Sendhelper, has started to weave a new story on top of doing visual wonders – that of parenthood. He gives a take on how to include the baby in the new life without losing out on the fun and romance. Borrowing from his perspectives, he told us, “It is very important that I get some time only with my partner because it helps us to remind each other that before there's a new person in our lives, we have us. Ever since we decided to have a child, we have accepted that on our future date night, we will have to adapt and manage expectations instead of thinking of a perfect date night.” What else does he have to share from his experience? Let’s find out.

Create the Mood with Some Dreamy Decor

First and foremost, acknowledge that your Valentine’s Day might look a little different this time with your newborn — but it could never be mundane, and that’s all that matters. Bring in a romantic ambience with things that double as decorations and fancy gifts. This can also include incorporating pictures of your baby and what the little person brings into your world. If you think of this as a tradition that can go on every year from now, you can plan even a colour theme for each Valentine’s Day.  

Plan Around Your Baby’s Schedule, Especially Breakfast!

Timing is everything. You might have had this profound realisation by now more than ever after becoming parents. Schedule your activities around your baby's sleep and feeding times to ensure a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for you and your spouse.  When you plan for the day, you can have a slow and relaxed breakfast after you tuck your baby into bed for sleep (if you must) after feeding. Think of something different from what you prepare normally – how about some heart-shaped breakfast food like toast and pancakes?  

As a proud parent now, Nazhiim offers us a glimpse into how he and his partner navigate the delicate balance between romance and the demands of caring for their little one. While speaking in detail about one advice he would give to other new parents looking to celebrate Valentine's Day at home, Muhamad responds, “Get comfortable and be prepared to make your child happy first and foremost, then yourself and your partner.”

Let Coziness be the New Invention

We are also almost sure that you might have realised how precious silence can be, especially in our own homes. Using soft lighting, gentle music, and comfortable seating to make your home feel like a special venue can be something you can try this year. A calm environment is beneficial for both the baby and you people — lay back and relax or just watch your favourite shows on telly if it has been long.  

Simple, Yet Special Meals

Choose dishes that are extraordinary but easy to prepare and turn your meal into a major highlight of your day. Think of a favourite dish that you both love but rarely have time to enjoy, or perhaps a meal that holds special meaning to your relationship. Combining homemade efforts with select takeout or dishes is one option. A culinary experience made just for you and your spouse by Sendhelper’s professional chef at home can also save time and introduce an element of your favourite dining experiences into the comfort of your home.

Incorporate Relaxing Activities

Nazhiim, who is planning to celebrate his son this Valentine’s Day considering him as their date this year, also spoke on how the priorities shift to finding activities to do together after the commencement of a baby. He says, “Priorities are now 100% focused on the child's needs. Before, it was always about what to wear, where to eat, and what to eat. Now, it is more about questions like 'Is it child-friendly?' and 'Do they have a good changing station for babies?’”

Designate a part of your evening to activities that you can enjoy together without the need for much setup or cleanup. This might include watching a classic love story, listening to your favourite album, or even dancing softly in your living room. Choose a film that won't startle the baby with loud noises, and create a snug viewing area with plenty of cushions and blankets. This can be a great way to relax and unwind together after the baby's bedtime. These moments allow you to reconnect as partners, even in your new roles as parents. If you feel your space needs to be cleaned before the day, book Sendhelper’s cleaning service through the app or website — a special day calls for a special cleaning.

Fall Back on Your Support System

If possible, coordinate with a trusted friend or family member to watch the baby, even if just for an hour. This can give you both a brief respite to connect and enjoy each other's undivided attention. Building on the notion of relying on your support system, inviting a close friend or relative to share in the joy of your new family member, even if it is for a short while, can deepen familial bonds and create cherished memories. This brief interlude allows you some precious time together; it will also envelop your baby in the wider circle of love and care that surrounds your family.

Gifts with Meaning

Consider gifts for your spouse that signify your new journey together. Handmade items or something crafted during those late-night feedings or nap times can carry immense sentimental value. These gifts reflect the love and shared experiences of your growing family.  A custom piece of art depicting your family, or a hand-knitted baby blanket capture the essence of the experiences you share with your partner. These meaningful gifts become cherished keepsakes to celebrate your love along with the arrival of your newest member.

Capture the Moment

How about documenting this unique Valentine's Day to add more depth to your family's story? If you are in for this, you can think about setting up a mini photoshoot with your newborn to capture the joy and love of your expanded family. Trust us when we say this — these photos will be treasures for you, your partner and your little one later in life.

Create a Valentine's Day Time Capsule

This might seem a little less colourful, but we think it is cool to look and plan on a special day that’s just about love. Write down your hopes, dreams, and predictions for your family's future together with your partner. Include current milestones of your baby and perhaps a small token or trinket that holds significance for your family right now. Seal these in a box to be opened on a future Valentine's Day — it can create a tradition that captures the growth and evolution of the love in your family.

Indulge in a DIY Spa Experience

“We love each other differently after we have a child. I can't explain how but it is not the love at first sight kinda thing. You just must experience it yourself to know,” Nazhiim adds while speaking about a few changes he sees in the relationship with his partner after having a baby. Every relationship sees a shift after having a baby, and you will start looking for more comforting things to do together.  

One of the best things to do at home on a day when you are together is self-care, and the benefits are double when both of you do it. Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat after your little person is settled. Place scented candles, play soothing music, and opt to go for a warm bath together. This can be a serene way to unwind and connect — it can offer a peaceful end to your Valentine's Day celebration, especially if you are doing it after so long.

Whatever your plan for this Valentine’s Day with your little one is, we hope it builds the love between you and your spouse manyfold. In the end, the most important aspect of your Valentine's Day celebration is the love and connection you share as a family. Just remember, if you need a hand in setting up your cosy home In Singapore for this special day with your baby, Sendhelper’s award-winning home services are just a booking away! Take off all that headache, and just romance your way into it.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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